Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Grove

The Grove in Brewster's 1932 cartoon
(with thanks to the National Library of Ireland)

I have already mentioned, on this blog, that I will be doing a talk in the National Library of Ireland on the artist and cartoonist Gordon Brewster. This is now set for 1pm on 17th November 2014. In the course of preparing for the talk I am doing a more intensive analysis of his cartoons than hitherto. Yesterday I was looking at the one above. It's from 1932 and is entitled The Election Aftermath.

My interest was taken, however, not so much by the posters as by the house itself, named The Grove. This is the house Brewster came to live in after the fire in 1931 at his earlier house, Strandville in Howth.

The Grove today

It felt a bit spooky standing outside The Grove today taking the photo. A bit like going back in time into one of Brewster's cartoons.

[This post has been amended on 23/10/2014 following further information on the date of the fire.]

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