I have had to resort to moderating comments on this blog due to abusive comments which have been left on some, and in particular Jersey related, posts.

Such comments degrade the posts themselves and limit their subsequent circulation. I do not sit up till the early hours of the morning researching stuff to have it binned so lightly.

It is sometimes hard to distinguish what is genuine comment from trolling or simply messing and I am going to err on the side of attempting to keep up the quality of the comment stream.

It is my blog and I am calling the shots. If that doesn't suit some people then there is no shortage of other online avenues of expression.

Regarding the format of comments: if you are taking issue with a specific comment please reference it at the head of your own comment so that I can judge whether it is reasonable or not. I do have a life and don't intend to spend it trying to read commenters' minds.

Thank you to all who have made constructive (including critical) comments so far and I hope you will bear with me in my unwelcome role as censor in chief, or as I'd prefer to see it, quality controller.