Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Big Fifty

I must be getting old. The "new" housing estates are now celebrating their first half century. And the focus of the celebration in the Foxfield/Assams area of Raheny is MacMahon's Foodstore. The shop has created its own mini village centre at the roundabout beside the Cedars pub.

Seán told me that when he opened, fifty years ago, Assams was built and they were just finishing off the nearest Foxfield houses.

Seán himself is slightly older than these surroundings and for the last number of years the shop has been run by his son David. I managed to persuade David and the Da to come out into the sun for a minute for the obligatory intergenerational photo.

Customers turned up in force throughout Friday morning (20/4/2012) to join in the celebrations: tea, coffee, wine, fancy cakes and, of course, the birthday cake itself, still in its pristine clingwrap.

And when they say they are open 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm they mean it.


Anonymous said...

Very good - good for them.
And anyway - you're not the only one to get mixed up with all this old/new business - what about the Pont Neuf in paris?

Póló said...

I know. Even the oldest was once the newest. The French kept that name but were always open to a bit of arse licking in the right wind. From Passy to Kennedy by 1965.