Friday, April 13, 2012

Red for STOP

There's one of these ads on every second traffic light around where I live. They have been there for ages and are breeding like rabbits.

This is illegal and dangerous. Election posters were bad enough, but at least we knew they'd be coming down on pain of a fat fine. Why is nothing being done about these purely commercial and dangerous ads.

I complained the illegal and dangerous election posters to the City Council, but they were so slow off the mark that I had already got them taken down myself by the time the inspector arrived - assuming he did.

We are currently giving out about Ze Germans, and surely there is enough to give out about. But when you pass a law, you should make some effort to see that it is observed. All the more necessary in a former colony where respect for the law starts from a very low base. [And if you rightly dispute the word "colony" on legal grounds I'll settle for "occupied zone".]

There is a pilgrimage which starts out from James's St. and goes all the way to Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, where St.James is held to be buried. It's known as "The Way of St. James" or the "Camino de Santiago", or just the "Camino". Pilgrims can earn a plenary indulgence.

It might be worth diverting the pilgrims to a German destination one of these years, so they could see another Way, the way to ensure people observe the law, particularly in matters of danger to life. Instead of a plenary indulgence, perhaps the power of prayer could be harnessed into getting us a wee bit of debt forgiveness.


blackwatertown said...

I'd be a bit worried about lingering at those red traffic lights for fear they might decide to take my car, for cash or no cash.

Póló said...


I'd keep my foot close to the accelerator at all times.