Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Living History

Is it a sign of advancing age when I find myself with connections to three out of four people photographed at the launch of the history of National Library of Ireland Society? This is a recurring experience.

I worked with Felix in the Departments of Finance and Economic Planning and Development and our paths have recently begun crossing again in the areas of local and family history. I also worked with Ian in both the above Departments though our paths have not (yet) started criscrossing in recent times.

Maurice is a different kettle of fish. I first met him at an essay competition run by the Irish Independent and moderated by the then editor Hector Legge. He won, I lost. He then turned up as my tutor in UCD and duly signed my chit to get Paul Blanshard's book The Irish and Catholic Power off the reserved shelf where is was isolated lest it contaminate the innocent students of the day. Thank you Maurice. I reread the book in more recent times and it is even much better than I remember.

For the record, the guys are (L-R) Felix M Larkin, Vice President of the Society, Maurice Manning who launched the history, Dónall Ó Luanaigh who wrote it, and Ian d'Alton, Treasurer.

Reviews of Friends of the National Library: in Irish Times Irish Catholic


Anonymous said...

Count your blessings. It could be a new report full of familiars, with the caption: "Police are still searching for the fourth member of the gang..."

Póló said...


Tiocfaidh an lá :)