Monday, July 04, 2011

Where is it? No.3

Congratulations to Felix M Larkin who has correctly identified the figure as that of Blessed Francis Taylor outside the Pro-Cathedral in Marlborough St., Dublin.


The lady in the picture is Blessed Margaret Ball, grandmother in law of Francis Taylor, who has a church dedicated to her on Dublin's Northside.

Felix, in a comment below, wonders if we will ever have a Blessed Lord Mayor again. Well, we came very close with Bertie, who, fortunately, fell at the last fence.

A beautifully evocative shot below from the Irish Times of yore.

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Felix M Larkin said...

I think this is Blessed Francis Taylor at the side of Dublin's Pro-Cathedral.

Póló said...

@Felix M Larkin

Full marks Dr. Larkin. I should never have drawn your attention to it.

I will post a wider shot above shortly.

Felix M Larkin said...

Will Dublin ever again have a blessed Lord Mayor? I suppose the closest we came to one in my lifetime (to date) was the late Joe Doyle, whose "day job" was sacristan in Donnybrook Church.

Póló said...

Good on ya, Felix. You never lost it.

Don't forget Blessed Bertie, fell at the last hurdle on the road to Canonisation.

I have a beautiful photo of his Blessedness (from the Irish Times of yore) and if I can find it I'll stick it up at the end of the above post.