Friday, May 08, 2009


I am often told that I write in too compressed a style and that I assume my readers can read my mind. "Spell it out" I'm told. "Take the reader through all the stages of the argument." "Don't presume knowledge on the reader's part."

Well, that's all fine, but when we enter the world of logos the opposite logic applies. Logos distill the essence and deliver the message in mutely shrill tones. I "love" this or that, or here or there, where the "love" is simply denoted by a red heart.

But what if it's a cat? What the hell is the above poster trying to tell us?

"I scratched my cat's face off so she couldn't nick my Whiskas?"

Give us a break!

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tema said...

Looks like "I killed my cat" to me. Jeeze ... idiots.