Thursday, May 21, 2009

All for Europe

This poster caught my eye the other day. I did a sort of a double take.


I had heard that one of the Libertas team had changed sides but this was really something. Caroline Simons has been an assertive spokesperson for Libertas right through the Lisbon campaign and beyond. Had she changed sides?

Then I realised I was looking at a Libertas poster. Then I remembered that Libertas were FOR EUROPE, as Declan Ganley never tired of telling us all through the last Lisbon campaign. They were for Europe but against Lisbon. Not necessarily an inconsistent position, I have to admit. I am for Europe and I was tempted to vote NO in the last Lisbon referendum as a reaction against the complacent arrogance of both our own and our European "leaders". Caroline's poster is in support of her candidacy for membership of the European Parliament in the forthcoming European elections.

Then I heard Naoise Nunn on the radio. He was the guy who had changed sides (and joined Fianna Fáil). He was now FOR LISBON. Pushing the NO campaign had been just a job, like working for Ganley (or now Fianna Fáil).

It's going to be a very confusing European election, and that before we even get withing smelling distance of a referendum.

UPDATE (21/5/2009)

This is the latest tarted up version. Subtle shift away from FOR EUROPE to HAD ENOUGH OF THAT SHOWER. Normally this would be taken as referring to the current national government. We have apparently progressed from a vote for Europe to a vote against the Government. Forget the local or European elections. What next?

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Póló said...

Full marks to Caroline Simons on this occasion.