Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Two Top Toons

In recent times I have started doing more cartoons. These are not drawn cartoons, I can't draw. They are photo-montages put together with the aid of Photoshop. Since I discovered how to use the layers feature in my latest, if truncated, version of the package I have been having a ball.

So I just thought to reproduce here two of the cartoons which required an extensive use of layers in their composition and which I am particularly proud of.

Ruairí Quinn drawing his own real life cartoon in Place du Tertre

The cartoon appeared as part of a series on Enda's first cabinet. Ruairí is portrayed as Toulouse Lautrec and is drawing a cartoon of his own, which he actually did draw at a Government meeting in 1986.

Bishop Tim Dakin in the flooded vault of his own Cathedral

This cartoon was one of a number prepared for a set having a go at Bishop Dakin of Winchester. The bishop was ducking dealing with a serious complaint from a lady who had been abused on the island of Jersey which was then in the Winchester diocese. The trickier feature here is the reflections in the water. As it happened I included a slightly different version in the set on the bishop. The full series of Jersey cartoons gives a birds eye view of some of the corruption and general incompetence involved in the running of the island. It has not been updated for a while.

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