Monday, November 16, 2015

Bob Hill

I hope nobody takes offence, but this is always how I see Bob. A wise old owl.

I never actually met Bob but I have corresponded with him and I have interacted with him online. I have met the owl, though, and photographed him in my local park.

It was only when I heard the news of his sudden illness that my upset made me realise that I actually think of Bob as a personal friend. Such is the personality of the man. So I make no apologies for talking about him in that way. I feel I know him and one of his great virtues is that what you see is what you get: straight, upfront, honest, dedicated and generous to a fault.

I constantly look forward to his blog posts which always bring something new and sensible to the table. He has great human understanding and empathy but, when necessary, he can be like a police dog with a bone, relentless.

Since his formal retirement from public life he has been working away assiduously in the cause of human rights and the rule of law on his beloved island.

He has postponed his real retirement, and the pursuit of his abiding interest in writing a book on farming, in order to advance the causes to which he has become committed.

In more recent times he became a champion and intermediary for HG, the lady who suffered abuse at the hands of both church and state on the island and off. Unfortunately, at some stage he lost her trust and she lost the considerable benefit of his services.

He has rightly been praised to the skies. But it gets worse. I can confirm that he has even been called a saint to his face. His reply, typically modest with a touch of spooky humour, was: "Forget the halo or sainthood, I was born at lunchtime on Halloween so just missed out on All Saints Day."

It may serve no purpose to say this, but I share Stuart Syvret's anger: "He should have been able to enjoy a peaceful, relaxed and unstressed retirement. Instead he has had to carry on the fight for truth, decency and justice on behalf of the powerless and the wronged, against a polity of such naked decadence and depravity it's a godless off-spring of ancient Rome. "

Bob's recent statement to the "Independent Jersey Care Inquiry" is a primer on the structure and operation of the administration on the island.

As some of my readers will know, Bob suffered a severe brain hemorrhage last week and is still in a critical condition as I write this. I wish him a full recovery with all my heart and send best wishes to his family at this awful time.

Bob Hill


Anonymous said...

Lovely post Polo. Bob is such a good, honest, caring man. Let's hope he recovers quickly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my friend, for this lovely posting. Bob has earned my greatest respect with his unwavering support for the truth, and for courageously fighting on behalf of those who couldn't advocate for themselves. He could have chosen a much easier path, but he always remained the kind of thoroughly good and decent man who just wouldn't remain silent when others suffered from that feudal-style cruelty we've seen so much of in Jersey.


Póló said...

Fabulous News

Bob came home out of hospital today. He still, apparently, has a good way to go but with support of family and friends, and his own determination, will hopefully be back to his old self and on social media.

Meanwhile VFC, and his video camera, accompanied Bob on the happy journey home.

Report & Video.