Sunday, September 08, 2013

Serum Vitae

Or as Caesar might have said:
Veni, Vidi, Vichy.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, as the case may be, Caesar did not have at his diposal all the modern technology required to generate these high class sexy poster visuals, though no doubt his scribes could have come up with something better than LR2412+LHA.

But then we wouldn't know what was in the stuff. Come to think of it, as it would be in Latin, we wouldn't know anyway, unless we were an ageing pre-Conciliar cleric or bishop or whatever.

Anyway, I spotted the above poster in the window of one of my local chemists this morning. Some little niggle stopped me in my tracks, so I went over for a closer look.

It struck me then that Caesar might have been as well without some of this modern technology. People tend to get carried away with it and then we move a step further away from the real world.

Now, you should stand in front of the mirror and see if you can bite your lip like that. Betcha can't. So how can she.

Well there's this thing called Photoshop, and I'm sure more expensive professional equivalents.

Nuff said.

Do bhlaiseas do bhéal
a mhilse na milse,
is do chruas mo chroí
ar eagla mo mhillte.

1 comment:

Póló said...

Remember how, as teachers of one sort or another, we were told never to write anything incorrect on the board, even when illustrating a mistake to be corrected.

This was because the visual image can connect independently of the verbal context, and it can reinforce the incorrect version.

Photoshop apart, I just wonder at the wisdom of Vichy illustrating a flawed lady, even if it is in the interest of selling the repair kit.

Just thinking.