Friday, August 10, 2012

Programmer's Dilemma

Four years ago I was programming Google maps to illustrate the Military Road from the Loughlinstown Camp (1793-99) to the sea. Just after I passed through the Ballybrack crossroads I noticed that the google-mapped road deviated from its true position and took up a line parallel to the true route but slightly south of it. This could be confirmed by switching to the satellite view.

The dilemma was whether to follow the (true) satellite route or the erroneously mapped one.

I opted to follow the mapped route as this would be the mode most people would be viewing in and I didn't want to look a complete eejit by appearing to veer off the road.

So far so good.

But I had occasion, the other day to check out the map and found Google had corrected their error and there was me veering off the road like an eejit (above).

So I reprogrammed the route to coincide with both the (new) map and satellite views (below).

Truth will out.


Dexter said...

What were you using? The IDE, UI, or Javascript?

Póló said...


Google API, html, css & javascript.

Interactive map can be accessed here.

Póló said...

I notice Google have snuck Irish language street names into the maps. That looks like providing endless fun given the chaotic state of this particular practice in the country generally and in Dublin City in particular.

In the case referred to above, they have added "An Bóthar Míleata" to Military Road and this is fine as a translation.

However, I noticed some while back that the modern nameplate reads "Bóthar an Airm" (Army Road) echoing an earlier, now delapidated, sign in the celtic script. I think I'd prefer this version. It has a better ring to it in Irish.