Monday, June 11, 2012


My phone reminded me, first thing this morning, that it was an anniversary day.

Ninety four years ago today, my grandfather's body was fished out of the Liffey on Eden Quay. It is not an occasion that had been remembered or celebrated in the family over those ninety four years. So I just thought I'd give him a mention on the day that's in it.

But there is another anniversary today. The birth of my son thirty three years ago. Happy Birthday.

The cycle of life and death.

Ó bhás go críoch nach críoch ach athfhás


Anonymous said...

33! Yikes! I better get my act together!!!

ma said...

I thought you had it rather well together, actually. :)

Póló said...


No way are you on a parallel track with Baby Jesus.



Anonymous said...

Handsome blighter by the pic.