Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day of the Triffids

What in God's name are these things?

They have the shape and transparency of a jellyfish but look like a mushroom of some sort.

Don't tell me they're dandelions in transition? I've certainly never seen anything like it.

I took a photo of them just before they and the grass got mowed. So they're not there any longer.

I hope they're not Monsanto GM cabbage plants or we're all doomed.

Comments welcome below if anyone has any idea what they are.

Update - 11 June 2013

Following the comment yesterday from anonymous below, I sent a photo to the Botanic Gardens and wondered if they might know what it was.

I got a very helpful reply from Botanist Howard Fox at the Gardens as follows:

This is a really excellent photograph of Coprinus plicatilis. This species was put in the genus Parasola only just recently and is now correctly called Parasola plicatilis.

If you get a chance, a google image search on these latin names will provide you with many pages to check with images to compare with yours.

Here are two maps showing the distributional knowledge compiled in Britain and North America
Map 1
Map 2

For the second map you will need to indicate you accept the conditions and then the map will appear.

I have written to Howard to thank him for his helpful response.

Wikipedia page here.


Anonymous said...

Beats me.

Anonymous said...

I live in CT (USA) and my son found one on the lawn this morning. I have been going crazy trying to google it....???

Póló said...

Hi Anonymous

I've just sent a copy to the Botanic Gardens in Dublin to see if they have any wisdom in the matter.

Póló said...

Hi Anonymous

Just got a reply from the Botanic Gardens. See update to post above.