Thursday, April 12, 2012

Une Affaire Gràve

A nice little shot of the French restaurant "Les Frères Jacques" from inside Dublin Castle.

It was only when I was checking out my photos later in the day that it struck me something was wrong.

This is the overhead sign at full magnification. Not quite enough to clinch it.

So I returned for a closer look via Google Street View. Et voilà. That nasty little acute accent. And what is wrong with that you may ask?

Well, this is the correct version from the restaurant's website.

You will notice the accent is a gràve rather than an aigu. What is it with signpainters. A mind of their own.

And a badly missing aigu just down the road at the Central Bank.

I wonder how James Joyce would have handled all this were he writing Ulysses today?

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Póló said...

I wish I could blame Jacques Attali but his twin brother's name is Bernard.