Thursday, April 09, 2009

Journey into Space

This large gantry was recently observed outside Government Buildings and the Department of Finance in Dublin.

There has been much speculation as to what is going on. Some are of the opinion that it is to launch an escape rocket to carry the Government to the relative safety of the Van Allen Belt. Others speculate that it has already launched the Tánaiste into deep space to prevent her from goofing the country into bankruptcy. Yet others insist that it is in fact the initial stage of a guillotine, to be used for the public beheading of Bankers and eFFn FFers, for the edification and entertainment of the masses over the Easter weekend .

No doubt the truth is more banal.

Happy Easter anyway.


Donal said...

As long as it's not a 60million euro white elephant, ferris wheel...

Send them all in to space I rekon' though.. that's where most of them live anyway. Decentralism. 100% off grid, but 100% on comms grid.

Póló said...


Congratulations on identifying the real purpose of the structure.

You are a worthy advocate of the view that wisdom comes from integrating all the streams of life (including Cnagaire).

The contrast is with inner space.