Sunday, November 23, 2008

Smokers die younger

I was waiting for a DART in Westland Row (sorry Pearse) Station the other day when I spotted this sign.

Now, I am sure this is a sign of the concern Iarnród Éireann has for its nicotene addicted passengers. And you have to admit that it is pretty ingenious.

Westland Row Station has a roof over it and is, no doubt, classified as an enclosed space under the No Smoking Act. So the company remind you that, if you go right to the eastern extremity of the platform, you can smoke with legal impunity, be it basking in the summer sun or suffering a wet brass monkey freeze in mid-Winter.

So it's a toss up between accelerated cancer or pneumonia?

It just brought home to me how the life expectancy of the smoker has been curtailed, throughout the country, in the interest of prolonging that of the non-smoker. I hope the non-smokers among us appreciate Minister Martin's trade-off and light the odd candle next-door for our still smoking brothers and sisters.

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