Tuesday, November 25, 2008

UK Paper of Record

I don't really want to get into the argument between Sarah Carey (Irish Times, formerly The Times) and Frank Fitzgibbon (The Times) over the relative biases of the two papers in the Lisbon Treaty campaign.

I have criticised falling standards in the Irish Paper of Record in a recent post. I would now like to make a critical remark about the Irish online edition of the UK Paper of Record.

Having read Frank Fitzgibbon's apologia online I wanted to make a comment. I duly filled up the comment box, including all the required fields (a number of times). The online acknowledgement consisted of the following:

Indeed. No doubt The Times, being what it is, is inundated with comments. Imagine my surprise when I then saw that only three comments on the piece were reflected online:

I wonder how many comments does this suggest were spiked?

Over to you Frank.

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