Monday, October 22, 2007

A Prophet in his own land ...

In the course of my family history research, in Dublin's Coombe area this afternoon, I was trying to pin down the exact location of 15 Donore Avenue where Old Nick Fleming lived around 1898. I had it figured and was just about to take a photo when I noticed three tiny gurriers, who'd been trying to kick in a shuttered window, drift over in my direction.

One of them shouts at me

"Hey Mista, ya can't take photographs here".

"Feck off" sez I.

Then, "Go back to your own country!" yells another.

"My people were round here before you scutties were even thought of" sez I, followed by a menacing glance at which they scattered and from a safe distance they delivered a stream of standard Dublin invective:

"Speccy four eyes!", "F*** you!"

Irony or what?


  1. Ah, the carolled eloquence of Ireland.

  2. Diolch am y ganmoliaeth.

    Like I said elsewhere, Boyo, your subtitle is an inspiration to all.

  3. Could happen to a Bishop, or even a Kerry girl.