Friday, November 09, 2018


Victory Parade Dublin 1919

Another excellent exhibition at the Dublin City Library and Archive (DCLA) in Pearse St.

Lots to see and meditate on between panels and objects.

The exhibition covers the full period from the Armistice through the Civil War.

There is even a last gasp appeal for more cannon fodder in October 1918,

The War of Independence, started on the same day as the first sitting of the First Dáil.

First sitting of Dáil Éireann 21 January 1919

Mass abstention from Westminster turned to positive ends.

Right through the tragedy of the Civil War.

Not forgetting the ravages of the flu as WWI drew to a close.

Efforts to find employment fo demobilised soldiers - those fortunate enough to come home.

And the slums we had always with us.

Dublin Fusiliers Dress Uniform

Video commentary - here housing returnees.

Veterans' cottages in Killester

Thanks all
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Póló said...

A small quibble with the Irish.

I think the Civil War is more colloquially known as "Cogadh na gCarad" and in capitalisation the urú is normally rendered in lower case as in "AN tSOSA" OR "NA hÉIREANN".