Tuesday, September 04, 2018


This is my eight hundreth post on this blog since joining Blogger in 2005. My Blogger Stats tell me that I've had over 300,000 page views over this period, whatever that is worth. Most of these have come via Google and may have been very transient (ie post not read).

This statistic may seem puny to real bloggers, but I make no attempt to get or hold a readership. Mostly I write for myself and then if a subject I've blogged on comes up in conversation I send the person a link.

The posts with the most page views have been:
Power Points where I discussed suspended Jersey Police Chief's evidence to the "Independent Jersey Care Inquiry" into child abuse on the island. (1,373 views)

Bono's House where I proved that Bono lived in Killiney. (1,288 views)

Remembering the Somme where I reported on the opening of an exhibition on Ireland and the Somme in WWI which went on display in the Dublin City Library & Archive in October 2016. (1,072 views)

Retuning the Harp where I reported Felix Larkin's talk on Harped History: Joyce, 1916 & Revisionism. (989 views)

Jon where I commented on the ridiculous and counterproductive complaint by the disgusting Jersey troll, Jon Haworth, to the island's Commissioner for Standards. (969 views)
I seem to have a fairly international audience, subject to the qualification about page views above.

I rarely get comments. The exceptions include 37 on Power Points and 48 on Jon. These, in particular, reflect the absence of independent main stream media in Jersey (CI), that there is significant discussion of real issues on the blogs, and that my blog has dealt in some depth with Jersey issues over the years. The comment count would be higher but for the fact that I had to moderate comments due to the Jersey troll, and dissallow most of his.

I am very careful with my blog posts. I put a lot of work into them and treat them with the same care and attention as I would an article for a national newspaper or an academic journal.

I try to use my own images as much as possible and this is generally not too hard as I report a lot on events I've attended and places I've been. Otherwise I just nick stuff. So where I have stolen or mutilated the images of others, thanks and please forgive me, it's in a good cause. I also take some consolation from the fact that, in turn, I make my own images freely available to others.

Finally, thanks to Blogger for doing all the work, for keeping an eye on my stats, and for some nice user-friendly templates.


Don Sharrock No-Worth said...

Congratulations on such a successful blog Mr Polo and thank you for keeping a watchful eye on the corrupt cess pit that is Jersey.

Póló said...

Indeed. You have to keep your mouth firmly closed when swimming in that pool.

Your self-awareness is commendable.

The one handed blogger said...

Ireland is a bigger cesspit for child abuse by a furlong.
With all the Paedo clergy and care home abuse.
But no need for a blog when its plastered all over the news continuously. You ever been fucked up the ass Polo? Bet you still masterbate with a finger up you anus whilst looking at pictures of priests lol.
Get a life you weirdo.

Póló said...

Dear Jon

Thank you for so eloquently making my point for me.

And fancy you having read Ulysses. Ms Barnacle will be most pleased.

Yours etc.


Póló said...

PS: and for giving me the benefit of your long experience.


voiceforchildren said...


I concur with Don. Congrats for your 800 Blogs, for such a (world) wide audience, and indeed for the many different subjects your Blog covers.

Again, concurring with Don, thanks for reporting on the corruption and cover up so rife in this island.

Anonymous said...

Ho,ho, ho! A new star surely shines (dimly) in the comedy firmament with his latest thrown out vexacious complaint. Yup to the comedy greats like Charlie Chaplin, Basil (the rat) Brush and Mr Bean we mustly add Jon Sharrock Numpty Nuts? When will he get a life? Congrats on the big 800.

Póló said...

I may have some good news for beleaguered activists in Jersey.

While Jon is suggesting on the one hand that there may be less need in Ireland for bloggers exposing child abuse, because it is already being documented in a myriad of official reports (examples: Ryan, Murphy etc.), in research by dedicated individuals (example: Catherine Corless) and by commendable investigative journalists (example: Conall Ó Fátharta), on the other hand he has spotted a niche for his own clearly superior forensic skills in further exposing and documenting the horrors of this social sub-stratum.

While Jon's motivation may be questionable, to annoy me, his clearly destructive tendencies, his mercenary attitude as a (metaphorical) gun for hire in the interest of official coverups and (metaphorical) assassin of existing activists at the behest of those potentially liable to righteous exposure for earlier abusive activities, his diligence in working day and night and his unflinching support for Stella, all of this must surely serve to enliven an already flourishing plethora of Irish anti-abuse crusades.

Assuming that Jon is serious and is prepared to intensively devote his many talents and many more failings to this effort, it may bring some relief to a beleaguered section of the Jersey population and give the States of Jersey Police a breathing space to reconsider their long-standing and inexplicable tolerance of this local viper.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly I hear the troll could soon be hoisted by his own petard for a particularly abusive and lie fillef rant he posted in 2014 stacking two of the victims of his cyber stalking. Funniest thing is likely that the abusive half-wit almost certainly won't remember where it is. Google know it though I am advised. As do the police. What a clown.

Anonymous said...

Must surely be the appalling mental bloggers diatribe it wrote in a drunken frenzy spouting lies about his pre-Mezec obsessions the Pitmans?

voiceforchildren said...


Interview with Jersey's first Children's Minister SAM MEZEC.