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Jon Haworth lives in Jersey (CI).

He has threatened to kill a politician's landlord. He harasses victims of child abuse. He is a sick and twisted maniac.

Sam Mézec, States (Jersey Parliament) Member

This description of Jon issues from Jersey parliamentarian Sam Mézec.

Now you might think it a bit extreme. Jon certainly did and he made a formal complaint about Sam to to the Commissioner for Standards claiming that Sam had breached the Code of Conduct for Elected Members.

Paul Kernaghan CBE QPM
Commissioner for Standards

The position of Commissioner for Standards was established in Jersey in 2016. Previous to that the politicians investigated themselves.

The Commissioner appointed was Paul Kernaghan CBE QPM. Originally from Northern Ireland, he served in the Royal Ulster Constabulary before becoming Chief Constable of Hampshire. This was followed by a spell as Head of Mission for the European Union Police Mission for the Palestinian Territories and then as Commissioner for Standards for the UK House of Lords after which he ended up in Jersey.

Parliament already knew Jon's form and I take it that he thought he'd have a go with the new man on the block.

Now, that was Jon's big mistake, because Sam's description is true. The Commissioner effectively acknowledged that and so reported to the Jersey parliament which found that no further action was called for.

So the result of Jon's complaint is that both the Commissioner for Standards and the Jersey parliament have effectively endorsed Sam's description.

The Commissioner found as follows in relation to each element of the complaint:
‘I threatened to kill a Politician’s Landlord’

I am satisfied based on the newspaper coverage of a court case involving Mr. Haworth that he had been bound over to keep the peace in connection with a telephone call he made which involved a threat to the landlords of a Jersey politician. I find it significant that Mr. Haworth sought to explain his actions on that occasion, by stating that they were prompted by a social media exchange to which he objected.

‘That I harass Victims of Child Abuse’
I am satisfied that the JCLA letter dated 25 November 2015 provides justification for Deputy Mézec’s comment. I note that Deputy Mézec referred to other relevant evidence to justify his comment, but I felt it unnecessary to pursue these additional references.

‘That I am a sick and twisted Maniac’
Whilst one could deprecate Deputy Mézec’s choice of language in the light of the requirements of Article 5 of the Code of Conduct, I recognise that social media is a more informal media and that Mr. Haworth’s history, as evidenced in the report of the court case in 2011, may have led Deputy Mézec to feel his comment was justified. I do not believe it was malicious in intent.

There are two references in the above which need further elucidation, the 2011 court case and the JCLA.

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I couldn't find the official report of the court case. I have been told that the Jersey Evening Post have taken their original piece on the case offline. I am indebted to Ian Evans for the above copy of the JEP piece.

If you're interested you can hear what I take to be the phonecall cited in the courtcase here. Jon is threatening Stuart Syvret's landlord with death at the hands of Nurse M, a (so far, alleged) serial killer.

The JCLA is the Jersey Care Leavers Association which supports those adults who, as children, suffered abuse while in care. Their letter, referred to above, states that Mr. Haworth had made vitriolic attacks on the JCLA and claimed that he had said that victims of child abuse only wanted compensation.

Jon has since made a phonecall similar to the one above to a Blogger who campaigns for Victims/Survivors of Child Abuse.

I must say, were I Jon I'd be very careful in attempting to pressgang a man as dangerous as Nurse M into service to do my dirty work for me. As we say in Irish Filleann an feall ar an feallaire. However, Jon seems to have survived this unscathed so far, apart from the court case.

Jon, in further phonecalls, has relayed threats against the wife of investigative journalist/blogger Rico Sorda. You can follow this up on Rico's blog.

In addition to all the above, the Jersey establishment is not above using disreputables for its own ends when it suits them. For example, Jon was used by former Jersey Data Commissioner (daughter of Bergerac) to bring, what I consider a spurious, case against Stuart Syvret which resulted in Stuart's blog being taken down.

I have to say that it gives me great pleasure to see Jon hoisted on his own pétard. He has threatened more than the one person cited in the report and he has harassed and trolled a number of people online, including myself. He is the sole reason I had to start moderating comments on my blog. You can get a flavour of Jon's comments in a separate post.

So I'll finish with the immortal words of Jon Haworth
addressed to myself at 9.39pm on 18 January 2017:
Yup, you're just one big thick Irish dickhead.


  1. What a despicable human being this Haworth is. I don't know where to start but I think the most despicable part is his attacks on abuse victims but there are some very close seconds. Thank you for publishing this story.

  2. I just read the link to the Rico Sorda site and what this Haworth did to Mr Sorda's wife is chilling. The police have got just as much to answer for as Mr Haworth.

  3. Polo.

    Very interesting Blog Posting. A couple of comments have been left on my Blog that have nothing to do with the subject of the posting but refer to your posting. I will send them to you shortly and of course it is up to your discretion should they be published of not.

  4. You shouldn't be pestering this man online.
    The blogs have calmed down a lot over the past 4 years so I feel uncomfortable reading this. Let dogs lie.

  5. Dear Mr Polo, thank you so much for doing what Jersey's media refuses to do in exposing this vile vile individual. A close friend of my daughter's had the misfortune to encounter Haworth some years ago. The abuse harassment threats and stalking her friend received from Haworth was like something out of a nightmare. The Jersey police and media have known full well what he is but have shamefully failed to take action no matter that he has so many victims across Jersey many of who are aware of each other and the fact that Jon Sharrock Haworth is a repeating multi victim social media abuser and violence threatening sociopath.

    I'm a respectable patriotic Jersey woman and I'm disgusted that good people have continued to suffer from years of Haworth's abusive behaviour whilst our authorities refuse to act against the vile worm.

  6. From the link you provided to Rico's blog Pol. It's interesting to see people like Sean Power - Terry Le Main - Maureen Morgan basically calling Mr Haworth a liar as well. He is an online predator and should be dealt with through the correct channels.

  7. Comment @ 20 May 2018 at 16:59. The correct channels don't work in Jersey. Many people have gone to the police about Haworth but because he is doing the dirty work for the establishment the police employ *The Jersey Way* tactic and turn a blind eye. Same as the Data Protection Commissioner always has.

  8. Well done Mr Polo for standing up against this bully it's about time somebody did because he has been allowed to get away with so much for so long. I salute you sir!

  9. You've got no idea how much Mr Haworth has harassed Sam Mezec online and I can't believe Mr Mezec hasn't reported him to the police. Well I suppose I can really because it has been said before how much the police protect this bully. I salute you too mr Polo for standing up to bullies.

  10. Sorry am I missing something here.
    A person bound over for 6 months in 2011 is still news?
    The other thing is people who threaten murder get restraining orders and prison sentences and that newspaper cutting says nothing about murder.

  11. Andrew Le Gallais and James Lewis20 May 2018 at 17:36

    Treating phone calls - threatening emails to peoples work - and threatening people online makes Mr Haworth a very undesirable character. I'm glad we're not him.

  12. I'm glad to see the commissioner for standards has been able to see sense and see through Mr Haworth's political mischievousness and found in Sam Mezec's favour. Mr Haworth has been trolling Mezec online for years and it can only be a credit to Sam Mezec for the way he has kept his dignity and not risen to Haworth's bait.

  13. I would not want my family on the receiving end of any of his threats. What a horrible man. You can hear it in his cynical voice. Thanks for posting this Polo

  14. To the commenter at 20 May 2018 at 17:34. The newspaper clipping didn't have to say anything about murder. Thankfully Mr Polo provided a very helpful link where Mr Haworth was heard on the phone saying "Nurse M is going to kill your family" That is a threat of murder from a very sick and twisted individual whatever way you want to look at it.

  15. The Youtube clip says Paul Holmes.

  16. As an occasional commenter but regular reader of Jersey's independent media I've developed over the years a strand of understanding of the role of Jon Sharrock Haworth in the capture and criminalisation of public administration on your island. I have to say, as a legal practitioner in London, I believe it is rather too late for the individuals referred to in the following comment, "From the link you provided to Rico's blog Pol. It's interesting to see people like Sean Power - Terry Le Main - Maureen Morgan basically calling Mr Haworth a liar as well. He is an online predator and should be dealt with through the correct channels.

    "20 May 2018 at 16:59."

    When at any stage was it NOT obvious that Jon Sharrock Haworth was a social media abuser, stalker, liar, Jersey mafia protected troll, perjeror, child abuse cover up apologist, pro establishment host of pro child abuser protection blogs, proxy of conflicted City law firms like Appleby Global and Eversheds, thief and publisher of private data, purveyor of death threats, de facto mafia thug against opposition politicians, issuer of violent intimidation against disabled people, author of foul and abusive written threats against retired ladies who represent child abuse victims, and a manifest sniveling and indefensible coward?

    If I may suggest, based upon my steady and curious accumulation of evidence, most of the above cited characteristics of Jon Sharrock Haworth have been plain and obvious for at least 10 years.

    I'm afraid there's no credible resilement from Haworth's side now, for any of his malfeasant fellow travelers. And on the evidence, that includes at a bare minimum, the 3 individuals named in the comment of 20th May 2018.

    In fact going from memory was there not a comment on an indigenous Jersey blog just recently which appeared to be very, rather, confident that extensive evidence existed for Haworth's perjury, both in the form of affidavits sworn by him, contrasted with converse evidence in telephone recordings of Haworth himself?

    If so, well, that long ago ceased to be Haworth's problem (in as much as a several years in jail can be considered to be of no consequence to an individual disposable 'family member' so to speak, in such events) and instead has long since been a vast mutagenic and bluntly terminal problem for the City and Jersey employers and protectors of the proxy.

    These ultimate writedowns do not, and have never, gone unnoticed in the relevant international circles.

  17. The most damning thing about all of this is that the stalking of young Deputy - soon to be Senator - Mezec is that its duration and extent pale into comparative insignificance when viewed against this cowardly thug's years of obsessive on line hounding of the Pitmans, Syvret, Sorda and worst of all the abuse victims. As suggested above if this oddball had been attacking the great and the good he would have been incacerated years ago. You only have to listen to the hours of taped rants to know this individual is two cans short of a six pack.

  18. Can I just say that neither of us exist and anyway Basil doesn't know that we are writing this because he is cuddled up in bed with Red.

  19. I noticed the other week that nurse m ? was in the news again, reference his buisness and treatment of female staff.

  20. I thought long and hard about this, but as others have been brave enough to expose this sad and sorry person, I feel I should relate a very recent experience that I have had with him. On Friday just gone I opened Facebook to find that I had a private message from the above person. I will not give the full detail of this, because other people are named on it. However it has been saved and is in a safe place. The message refers to the letter from the JCLA after the complaint by JH about Sam Mezec. In it he asks me if such a letter exists (clearly he knows it does because he has put the link up to the States website)!!! I requested that he did not contact me again and his response was ,b'I am not going away I will personally stalk you. Now show me this letter.Because I will sue you. I want a copy of this letter and I will fuck you back with it. Come on ****, you've always believed the Syvret rubbish about me. Does this letter exist'?>b> On the advice of the police I have blocked him and also made a complaint. Surely the words 'stalk you' and 'fuck you' constitute an offence. Clearly it seems in Jersey they do not, even when they must have files full of complaints against this man. Why are they seemingly turning a blind eye, as indeed are the Jersey Evening Post allowing him to dominate some serious debate on their comments pages? Why, why, why?

  21. Look at what Jon Haworth did to rico and his wife and the police would not protect Mrs. Sorda against this deranged individual. Thanks for publishing the report from the commissioner for standards Mr. Pol because the commissioner rubber stamps what we all knew about Mr. Haworth.

  22. Hear that train a-coming.

    Stuart Syvret.

  23. The comment at 21 May 2018 at 14:51
    "Surely the words 'stalk you' and 'fuck you' constitute an offence". They do. You said you made a complaint but have you asked to give the police a written statement? If not there probably won't be an official record of the complaint at the police station if it was just a phone call. What a nasty individual this man is.

  24. The threats made to the lady via Facebook are a clear offence. That our police just tell the victim to block the thug needs investigation and complaint. I would also suggest that if Sam Mezec does not bring these threats and the non-police action up in the States then I wasted my vote for him.

    I can't be the only one to remember another of this lunatic's stalking targets Trevor Pitman outlining how he was also told something similar by the police when complaining about the freak's harrassment of his wife. The law either exists for all in Jersey or for no one. Over to you Old Bill.

    If this revolting little toad is not prosecuted then for starters the man prosecuted last year under the P19 transmissions law for stating his political vies on immigrants should, much as I abhor them, get his £1000 fine back and have his sentence quashed.

  25. 20 May 2018 at 18:46

    What youtube clip?

  26. To the commenter at 20 May 2018 at 18:46 what Youtube video of Paul Holmes are you talking about?

  27. I think the Youtube clip referred to is the one where Mr Haworth is once more threatening somebody else with the quote "Killer Nurse" If it is the one I believe it to be you can view it if you CLICK HERE

  28. The one with the phonecall.

  29. Or is it the other audio featured on this blog from 2011?

    Justice is a long time coming to this halfwit.....

    but coming it is!

  30. Is Nurse M a hitman for Haworth? That's two people {we know of} Haworth has threatened to have killed by him. There could be many more victims of Haworth's phone threats who aren't online or haven't recorded the calls and since he is a repeat offender there could be many more to come unless the police stop protecting him.

  31. I’ve been an international observer of events in Jersey for over a decade. I’m sure you and other readers of this blog have a similar level of understanding to me in respect of the seriousness of the situation. I’d like to ask you and your readers a question. For how much longer do you think, the Jersey & London establishment think they can put off the arrest of nurse m? You all know what I mean. It requires no elaboration. These people cannot in their wildest dreams imagine there’s any escaping from the nurse m situation? And facing up to the attendant seismic scandal?

    I’m sure the Jersey establishment and their allies amongst the-powers-that-be in London all hope fervently for ‘a line’ to be drawn under Jersey’s decade-plus of unhidden and shocking state corruption. They will be united in hoping it all to ‘fade away’, for 2 or 3 decades. That approach used to always work for the British establishment. But no more. Not in the new era of information technology and social media. Of course there will be tireless and hugely resourced hidden lobbying by the conflicted institutions, and senior individuals whose reputations are to be annihilated when the inevitable happens. But happen it must, and will. Virtually everyone who reads this blog and the Jersey blogs understands the gravity of the nurse m situation. Did the island establishment and their allies really think even for a moment that there could be any healing, rapprochement instead of bitter division or rebuild of the shattered reputation of governance on Jersey without the nurse m situation being faced?

  32. At 20 May 2018 at 12:41 there's this comment, 'You shouldn't be pestering this man online.
    The blogs have calmed down a lot over the past 4 years so I feel uncomfortable reading this. Let dogs lie.'

    To us victims of Jon Sharrock Haworth that is so recognisably of one of his whines. He is often desperate when things are not going well for him, he plead and beg people to 'forget about it all', 'its all in the past', 'let sleeping dogs lie', 'no one is interested in this old stuff', 'there's no evidence', it's all history', 'why should some man's conviction for telephone harassment and abuse years ago be of any interest now', 'the child abuse was all in the past', 'don't think you should be publishing stuff about this poor man', no one cares about this stuff that a few bloggers carry on writing'......

    You get the picture. But none of those regular anonymous claims by Haworth are true. They're lies by a cowardly bully who is showing his fear and terror of the reckoning which can't be dodged. He knows the game is up and he knows he cannot be protected any more by the establishment and as someone else wrote on VFC blog 'Haworth is the most disposable of the Jersey crooks so its inevitable they've got to throw him to the wolves.'

    I love it, just love it when we get these outbursts of social media comments from him in 30 of his different fake social media identities all pushing the line 'no one is interested in this stuff, it was all long ago, its not relevant now, everyone should just forget about it...'

    You can feel the fear dripping from Jon Haworth, you know he's laying awake at night in terror, knowing that none of it is going away and that none of these scandals go away without a few Jersey crooks ending up in jail, and that they've got no choice but to start with him.

    Hmm....loving it!

  33. This is a compelling video interview with Rico Sorda of how Haworth targeted Sorda's wife and how the police turned their back on these victims Haworth's terror campaign. Can somebody please turn it into a clickable link?

  34. Questions must be raised on this turning of a blind eye by the police at the very first States sitting.

    Such a question along the lines of 'will you be asking the chief of police for an explanation as to why an on line troll threatening a lady in her 70s is not being pursued and prosecuted?' should be put to all Chief Mi9nister candidates.

    It should also be addressed to all Home Affairs Minister candidates.

    It should also be put to our joke of an Attorney General.

    If the outcome is that nothing is being done and that the oligarchs will continue to turn a blind eye to JH then someone should lodge a proposition to overturn the recent telecommunications law. It must apply to all or nobody.

  35. Anonymous @ 9:52

    This is a clickable link to Voice for Jersey's interview with Rico Sorda in 2014 where Rico outlines total police inaction following Rico's complaint about Jon Haworth's despicable action against Rico's wife.


    It is well worth a listen and says it all.

  36. The way this sad and twisted bag of dung tries to play the victim is sickeneing. The list of people he has abused on line is revolting. The police not doing anything about it needs investigation. Now.

    This man is coming up to 50 and yet behaves like a 12 year old girl. What an embarrassment he must be to his family. Ought to try working like the rest of us. It really is time he was castigated for his evil behaviour. Possibly needs sectioning too.

  37. I have read the recent comments here and I will offer my thoughts. The question at 19.39 asked, 'when will the authorities arrest nurse m?'

    Following the Jersey situation as many of us overseas readers have done, I think one of your biggest problems is the stupidity of the establishment on your island and the equal stupidity of their allies in London. It really is that simple. They are going to arrest nurse m. They just don't know they're going to do it yet because they're of limited intelligence. They are going to arrest nurse m. Because they do not have any choice in the matter.

    Everyone familiar with the nurse m case knows perfectly well the public safety betrayal carried out by Jersey and London. It was madness at the time. Obviously so. An act of unsustainable lunacy. It was never going to work. It was obvious from the moment it became clear your state mafia was going after Syvret for whistleblowing the case that all wisdom and judgement had left them. Public governance was laid bare at that moment. The door of the bridge was opened, to reveal a ship of fools. Decadence and anarchy running riot while the ship sped to the rocks.

    A direct consequence of those events and decisions is that in addition to governance in Jersey being exposed as actually dangerous to the lives of the vulnerable, a number of certain senior judicial figures will be going down with the ship, and not only those in Jersey. I'm sorry, but that is simply what is going to happen. It is a measure of the decadence of the Jersey & London gang that no strategic view was taken, no wise council listened to, no foresighted restraint exercised. As in other acts of lunacy peremptorily jumped into by the fools, such as illegally suspending your Police Chief, it seemed 'like a good idea at the time'. A 'really good idea' because it seemed to offer a 'miracle solution' to their problems, whilst additionally satisfying their unhealthy urges of invulnerability and power. Far from being a 'good idea', siding with nurse m and using the case to go after Syvret was possibly the dumbest move in the whole collapse. Anyone of moderate intelligence 'on the inside' of your establishment would have first familiarized themselves with the evidence re nurse m, and then would have most strongly said "Don't go there. Don't side with nurse m. This has got international nightmare written all over it. Forget it. We must use something else against Syvret. Fit him up somehow? Plant drugs on him? Entrap him into corruption? Something, anything. But not the nurse m case. I have to frankly warn you if we side with nurse m and use the case against Syvret you are triggering a chain of events that will almost certainly end with constitutional implications and the destruction of your present monopoly of power."

    I doubt very much there was in fact anyone of sufficient intelligence and competence 'on the inside' of the Jersey way to have brought such calm foresight into the mix. Observing Jersey governance from the outside and at international distances it is obviously a Groupthink basket case.

    The Groupthink is still present. You are still governed by fools who lack the imagination to look at how their acts and omissions will play out long term. I doubt there is even so much as one senior figure in your establishment, even today, who knows that nurse m will be arrested, prosecuted, and what is very possibly the worst peacetime scandal in modern British administrative history is going to be vomited over the constitution. Those events are going to happen. They are going to happen, because those events not happening is a greater threat to the standing and strategic position of the British state, than the messy consequences of the events themselves.

  38. Does anyone know if Syvret reported nurse m to the Jersey police before he whistle blew on the case?


  39. I'm surprised tbh that there's so little up front comment here about the truth of the function of haworth as a tool to the Jersey crooks. Yes, yes there are dozens upon dozens of us who are victims of the cowardly little shit. He's obviously 'got problems' and like someone else said, he probably should be sectioned for his own welfare. But let's face facts haworth has always been a Jersey gangsta troll. He's always been their 'facilitator' to enable them to abuse social media to attack grass roots public campaigns. We know he was running at least 1 pro child abuse cover up web site on behalf of the Jersey establishment. I remember several complaints were made against haworth and his establishment political friends who used his web site to promote child abuse cover ups and to denigrate abuse survivors and their good representatives. So what action was taken by Emma Martins and the then Attorney General Tim Le Cocq in response to the complaints about haworth?

    Nothing as I remember. Why did the Jersey authorities protect haworth? That has to be the more important question instead of focusing on what a mentally unfit twat haworth is and similar statements of the obvious. We need to know why our family members, loved ones, good ethical campaigners and civil society values continue to be betrayed by Jersey's so called 'law enforcement system'? That's the question which really matters, much more than what a twat jon haworth is.

    Does anyone reading this site have any of the evidence about the complaints from years ago about haworth? It should be stuck up here because the people who've protected the c*** are the ones who really need putting in the spotlight.

  40. Approaching 50? Says he's 40 in that Newspaper clip so how old is this?

  41. Good point @22:14

    The press cutting is from years ago. I did a little reading up and this duo have been harassing people on behalf of the child abusing authorities over a couple of decades!

    Like a poster above says. The fact that they do it with full knowledge and approval of the authorities is of far more disastrous significance than the unhinged individuals themselves.

    This will be their downfall.

  42. A question aks, "Does anyone reading this site have any of the evidence about the complaints from years ago about haworth? It should be stuck up here because the people who've protected the c*** are the ones who really need putting in the spotlight."

    Oh yes. Its all archived and stored and duplicated in several locations around the globe. Your mafia let a lot of djinns out of bottles over the last 12 years. And there's no getting them back in now. So many hostages to fortune. I think the good former Police Chief Graham Power go it so right when he described the plight of the Jersey establishment by saying, 'if someone is trapped down at the bottom of a deep hole, the best advice to give them is 'stop digging.''

    They're still digging. This is going to be entertaining!

    Pip Pip!!!

  43. At 20:38, 23 May a comment asks the following, 'Does anyone know if Syvret reported nurse m to the Jersey police before he whistle blew on the case?'

    The answer is 'yes' Syvret did report the case to the Jersey police before whistleblowing on it. I have seen an email Syvret wrote in late 2007 addressed to Police Chief Power, Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper, and Officer Alison Fossey. In it Syvret explicitly explained the nurs m case and asked that it be reopened as soon as resources permitted given the high demand which was on the Police at that time dealing with the decaders of child abuse coverup. According to the email Syvret also attached some pretty heavy evidence.

    Given the gravity of the pre existing nurse m coverup Syvret was reporting to the Police, having the case reinvestigated and re opened would have raised the most serious questions about the ability of Jersey's traditional ruling authorities to govern safely. It therefore seems a certainty that preventing the reopening of the nurse m case and the 1999 coverup thereof would have been one of the main motives of your junta in illegally suspending Police Chief Graham Power.

  44. Is there some issue with my comment made today after I was able to view some of the correspondence between Stuart Syvret and the leadership of the Jersey Police Force (2007)? My understanding is that I am one of a number of people around the world who have been kept informed and supplied with (some) of the Jersey evidence lest the island's crooks think they can contain the truth with just a bit more local suppression of dissidents.

    The facts will be ultimately reported in Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Ireland, India and others, so you can have no fear of publishing reference to the state concealment of medical murder on this blog.

  45. Anonymous @ 11:41 & 20:11

    I am aware that Stuart took some precautions with his material. Very wise of him.

    No, I have no issue with your comment. I was not aware it was there as Blogger has suddenly ceased sending email alerts regarding pending comments to blog owners. I hope they rectify this soon as it means I only become aware of such comments when I specifically check my dashboard which I have just done.

    Thanks for the comments.


  46. Thanks for your interesting and well reseached post POLO. A question mark appears at the end of the title. Can one be imprisoned on Jersey for asking a question ?;topicseen#msg61876


  47. If the person known as Jonathan Sharrock Haworth was not a protected agent of a section of the Jersey Government then why a) would he be used as a witness against political whistle blower ex Senator Stuart Syvret. b) Why would the data protection office ( a government department) use such a desperate, unreliable character and proven petty criminal as a witness that would not be allowed in any UK court for fear of a sham trial accusation. c) Why would the Attorney Generals office of Jersey allow indeed encourage such a trial supported such weak and untrustworthy witness two of whom have police records ?They were legally advising the data protection office. The case would not have gone to trial without the advice of the AG.

    UK Parliament

    That this House notes that Stuart Syvret who was previously elected as a senator in Jersey has been imprisoned for three months for making allegations on his blog about Andrew Marolia, David Minty, David Wherry and Jonathan Sharrock Haworth, who had previously obtained a super-injunction against him under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005; further notes that the use of this law would cover all allegations whether they are true or not; believes that this is a chilling affront to freedom of speech and that before someone could be imprisoned for making allegations it should be shown that the allegations made are not true; further notes that Jersey still does not have a system of private prosecution, nor does it have the facility to judicially review prosecutory decisions; recognises that this means if people who are friends with those in power have committed criminal acts it is impossible to have those issues considered in an open court and that it is clear that the state will move to imprison people for making allegations about criminal offences not being prosecuted whether or not this is true; further believes that the Government should not be so complacent about the institutional failures in Jersey; and calls for Ministers to review the situation and report to Parliament.

    It all STINKS to high heaven and yet the UK deartment of justice will not take responsibility for Jersey's judicial failure.

  48. Early Day Motion


    For convenience, I am reproducing below, my comment on the next post which both qualifies and underlines the significance of the EDM.

    Just to be clear on the Early Day Motion. It's status is simply that it was tabled by John Hemming. To the best of my recollection it was not debated nor otherwise noted by parliament. It had the support of only two other MPs.

    Its significance, however, is that it names the four behind the case against Stuart and does this under parliamentary privilege thus allowing them to be cited in public.

    This might be considered by some as an abuse of parliamentary privilege and in other, normal, circumstances I would be inclined to agree. It is the courts and not the chamber which is there to try people & administer justice.

    However in the case of Jersey where the courts are effectively politicised and there is no effective appeal I am fully behind the tabling of this motion.


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