Thursday, May 24, 2018


As I have explained elsewhere, I will not tolerate comments on individual blog posts where the nature of those comments, usually crass and insulting, would undermine my ability to refer bona fide readers to my posts.

I am in favour of free speech in society at large and do not fear criticism even when it is such as would strike terror into the heart of a grown man.

I have been subjected to crude and irrelevant comments from Jon Howarth over the years and have been quite happy to ignore them. They have turned up under all sorts of totally unrelated posts and as a result on occasions I have had some difficulty knowing what he is going on about.

However, we are here in different territory. I have actually done a post on Jon, sparked by the Commissioner for Standards finding that Jersey parliamentarian, Sam Mézec's, forthright and perhaps slightly over the top, description of Jon is not out of place coming from an elected representative because it is in fact true.

This is quite a departure for Jon who has been "getting away with murder" for years. Yes he did get bound over in 2011 for making threats but, as Stuart Syvret has pointed out, this case only got followed up by the police because Stuart had raised the matter in a courtroom. Par for the course would have been for the authorities to ignore it as was their wont. After all did Jon not do them a big favour by letting himself be used in the disgraceful official campaign to have Stuart's blog taken down.

Islanders got a shock many moons ago when ex-RUC man Lenny Harper, coming from off-island, confiscated their bazookas. Now we have another ex-RUC man making it quite clear that he is not going to lend himself to endorsing frivolous and unjustified complaints. Hopefully we will see him upholding those which have substance and lighting a few fireworks under deserving elected backsides.

Lest, as a southerner, I am taken here as unjustifiably smearing/complimenting former members of the RUC, I have to declare an interest. A friendly RUC man, who I had just met, once offered to mind my southern registered car parked outside the Guildhall in Derry at the height of the troubles. No one touched it.

Anyway my Jon post is clearly a special event. I have had 468 pageviews, some 40 printable comments and a further 30 which I have not passed.

So in a spirit of fair play and free speech I intend relaying some of the points (below in bold type) made in comments that I have held back.

So here we go; hold on to your hats till the storm abates.

Póló is an off-Island coward

Ever wondered why so many comments on the serious blogs are made anonymously. Normally I would expect anonymous commments to be stupid or insulting and not pay much attention to them. However, Jersey is a different kettle of fish. Serious commenters will feel obliged to comment anonymously for fear of retribution. So it is not only acceptable, it is wise in many cases.

As they say down my way "the proof is in the pudding", and a raft of people have suffered severe retribution at the hands of the authorities, including Stuart Syvret, Trevor Pitman, Lenny Harper, Graham Power & God knows how many others known only to family & friends. Mike Higgins is still battling away from inside the States despite their having tried to bankrupt him at least once.

Now I'm off-island and a little more beyond their reach and I am grateful to Jersey for the wonderful times I spent on the island, so I feel I owe them something in return.

Leah McGrath Goodman

And while I'm on the topic of off-island I'd like to pay tribute to Leah, an internationally renowned financial journalist, who has put herself out to report abuse on the island. She then ran into trouble with UK border control on a return visit and her situation was only "regularised" after intervention by a number of highly placed individuals who supported what she was doing. Hopefully she'll soon be landing an unwelcome book on the desks of a few island worthies.

I would also like to pay tribute to Leigh Lafon (Denver Elle) who for a number of years supported the cause from the US with comments that were always perceptive and to the point. Thanks Leigh for all your encouragement and we hope to see you back sometime.

Your Blog has been reported to the Police for harassment because that's all you are doing. McMurray has also been reported for promoting it. One way or another I will win, because I always win and if all you have is old news to hit people with then you are a fool.

Ian Le Marquand, former Justice Minister
& creature of the City of London

Why does Jon get away with his damaging behaviour while others have been harassed by the authorities for doing their job and attempting to clean up the island.

Former Police Chief Bowron

And at the same time others who have complained about Jon at the highest level of the police are just ignored. Check out Rico's story. There is enough evidence around to give rise to the suspicion that Jon is being protected.

The owner of this Blog must be seriously thick.
This is a member of the Jsy public who you are trying to vilify and re-try over a spent court case I am told is almost 8 years old so is meaningless under the rehab Law.
Any Copper or Court reading this hate campaign would this person is being harassed.

Regarding the court case in 2011 where Jon was bound over for making phone threats, he claims that the lightness of the sentence proves that he never threatened to murder anyone. However, that claim could be stood on its head, and we could wonder, particularly as there is phone evidence of a murder threat, why the sentence was so light. Now there's some food for thought.

I will set the law on you for harassing an innocent and insignificant member of the public.

Jon can only claim to be an insignificant & ordinary member of the public because he gets away with what he does. In any functioning society he would be behind bars or in treatment.

He complains that I am abusing my off-island position, presumably on the basis that I am acting irresponsibly while I am unaccountable for what I do. In the same breath he is telling me he has reported me to the Police and that they are coming for me as there is no hiding place. Well Jon which is it?

You should be ashamed of yourself putting Rico Sorda's private life up online.

I have simply alluded to matters that Rico himself has put in the public domain. These are matters which, were it not for Jon's evil behaviour, Rico would not have needed to allude to at all in public.

It was in fact Jon himself who, in the course of his nasty gloating comments, attempted to put further aspects of Rico's private life in the headlights.

You know stalking is a criminal offence.

This was posted as a comment under a post of mine that was totally unrelated to Jersey. There have been many of these, while I have only very occasionally referred to Jon and in relevant contexts. So it's really a question of who's stalking whom here.

Stuart is under a court order to leave Nurse M alone. He has broken this and will go to prison, the stupid cunt.

Stuart Syvret

Nobody is sure at this stage precisely what legal constraints apply to Stuart Syvret. It was thought that he was subject to a super gagging order and his behaviour would lead you to believe that this was in fact the case.

His efforts to stop Nurse M in his tracks were a dismal failure, no small thanks to Jon, and they resulted in his blog being taken down. There is unfinished business here but the authorities are running a mile in the opposite direction.

You are a thick Irish dickhead ... so go fuck yourself.

Jon is deluded into thinking he is part of Jersey Royalty.

In with the in-crowd.

But Jon, you will be dispensable when the heat comes on.

So gather ye rosebuds.

The COS [Commissioner for Standards] will be removed for the way he has dealt with this.

I have made my views on this clear above.

Pain in the ass because the Police have read your post and now I have to go and make a statement.

I surely hope they have and might do something about you as a result.

You are also being reported to the police for online harassment and abuse.

Jon, go look in the mirror.

Some other comments have been passed on to me from the Voice for Children blog where Jon has left them. I'm just including two below but others have been along the lines of those above.

Ian Gorst, the AG and the SG were apprised about it today. Hope you know what you are doing.

Lets hope Chief Minister Ian, the Attorney General and the Solicitor General are already reading my blog. They are welcome to come on and comment here any time. And that also goes for the next Chief Minister and the Chief of Police.

If he has nothing to do with historic abuse like he says then you are targeting him for the sake of it aren't you?

I don't think anyone has linked Jon directly with historic abuse, assuming he means child sex abuse. His behaviour and the official non-treatment of it does serve as an indicator of a totally corrupt system which we know to have been involved in child abuse and in its cover-up.

Jon cannot distance himself from his, well rewarded, co-operation with this system, for example, in getting Stuart Syvret's whistle-blowing blog shut down.

Equally, Jon's claim to have had sight of Rico Sorda's tax return would, if true, put him in a very privileged and intimate relationship with this corrupt administration.

So, Jon, an ordinary member of the public? My arse.

My aim in putting Jon's comments in a separate post is that those who wish to can "enjoy" them and those who don't can avoid them entirely.

I could go on here all night but I'll just finish with this comment from a perceptive observer of the Jersey scene.
What makes me so irate is that he is trying to portray himself as the victim. He has terrorised people online for years, not least Rico's ex-wife who has virtually no online presence herself. He is a nasty vindictive individual and if I, or any progressive Blogger, had acted the way he has (and does) we would be doing a ten year stretch by now.


  1. Polo - I think the relief a lot of people feel who have suffered at the hands of this excuse for a man, that you are now openly and publicly exposing him will be more than welcome. The feeling when he first makes contact with his threats is very unsettling, but gradually turns to anger that the authorities have not and seemingly will not, take action. Let us hope your excellent work on behalf of good and dedicated members of the public against all Jersey's injustices will reap dividends. If not, the serious questions you ask will be asked over and over again as I think your blogs have given a strength to us all. I think that most certainly on my behalf and many others we have a lot to be grateful to you for.

  2. Hi Polo

    Excellent work in exposing the reality behind this poor excuse of a human beings mode of operation. I actually quite like it though when his rants are published in full as it confirms all we know about him and his sad twisted view point. I appreciate though the language used is not always appropriate for general consumption so your approach is understandable.


  3. He is Jersey's most notorious troll and everybody online and the authorities know who he is. He has a list of complaints made against him and his terror campaign against many good people a mile long down at the police station. In your previous blog you showed what he did to Rico and his wife where the police just turned their back on them. Also in your previous blog a comment was left where he threatened somebody that he was going to *stalk* them and was going to *fcuk them back* these are clear unambiguous online threats. The victim of those threats reported them to the police and was told to block him. Refusing to charge the perpetrator who already has a criminal conviction for this behaviour and complaints to the police as long as your arm. How can good law abiding citizens feel safe online when such a vile criminal is protected? What about his victims? Why aren't they protected?

  4. From your previous blog, the Commissioner found in favour of soon-to-be Senator Mezec on all points.

    The findings in relation to each element of the complaint:

    ‘I [Jon Haworth] threatened to kill a Politician’s Landlord’
    I am satisfied based on the newspaper coverage of a court case involving Mr. Haworth that he had been bound over to keep the peace in connection with a telephone call he made which involved a threat to the landlords of a Jersey politician. I find it significant that Mr. Haworth sought to explain his actions on that occasion, by stating that they were prompted by a social media exchange to which he objected.

    ‘That I [Jon Haworth] harass Victims of Child Abuse’
    I am satisfied that the JCLA letter dated 25 November 2015 provides justification for Deputy Mézec’s comment. I note that Deputy Mézec referred to other relevant evidence to justify his comment, but I felt it unnecessary to pursue these additional references.

    ‘That I [Jon Haworth] am a sick and twisted Maniac’
    Whilst one could deprecate Deputy Mézec’s choice of language in the light of the requirements of Article 5 of the Code of Conduct, I recognise that social media is a more informal media and that Mr. Haworth’s history, as evidenced in the report of the court case in 2011, may have led Deputy Mézec to feel his comment was justified. I do not believe it was malicious in intent.

    It shows a remarkable lack of introspection that Jon Sharrock Haworth JSH saw fit to report Mr Mezec's observations.

    There are so many apt expressions like; one sandwich short of a picnic; the lift doesn't go to the top floor, two beers short of a six-pack, not firing on all cylinders, the screws are loose, a pissed mattress .....

    Perhaps we could use another one?
    So full of it his U bend must be blocked!

  5. I don't know if it is the lower ranking police officers who are protecting Haworth but the word has come down from the top as in the Law Office Department the AG and SG. If he was to be charged with everything he's done online and elsewhere this would prove Syvret right about all he said about Haworth on his blog. The AG could not allow that to happen.......Syvret being a court of law?

  6. "There are so many apt expressions like; one sandwich short of a picnic; the lift doesn't go to the top floor, two beers short of a six-pack, not firing on all cylinders, the screws are loose, a pissed mattress ....."

    Why don't you go and say it to his face?

  7. Jon Haworth says this, 'Your Blog has been reported to the Police for harassment because that's all you are doing. McMurray has also been reported for promoting it. One way or another I will win, because I always win and if all you have is old news to hit people with then you are a fool.'

    I hope the Jersey authorities do try again to shield their pet criminal. People have had enough of this crap this time. If anyone is threatened, arrested or harassed by any of Jersey's authorities because of Haworth there's at least 15 of us who will make a counter complaint about the failure of the Jersey authorities to protect us from this worm. From conversations I'v had in the past week or so, I'm satisfied that it's true that a large amount of evidence exists which prove Haworth to have committed perjury. Jersey government, your disgusting lunatic has embarrassed you lot too much this time. When the truth comes out your defence of this turd is going to raise a lot of serious questions about the fairness of law enforcement in Jersey. Bring it on mfs....bring it on!

  8. Well Anonymous @ 18.08, you can add another one to that list of people. I would be more than willing to give my evidence in a statement. I suspect that Anonymous @ 17.01 is Haworth himself. He has invited people to say what they think and feel to his face before, but when they take up the offer he declines to do so. Yes, bullies are cowards indeed.

  9. Polo.

    Good shout out for Leigh lafon (Denver Elle) she is/was a tireless campaigner for Victims/Survivors of Abuse and is greatly missed.

    Same good shout out for LMG who was treated worse than a terrorist for doing what our MSM should have done years ago, simply asked questions. Your readers might want to listen to THIS INTERVIEW to make up their minds if she was fairly treated?

  10. I am a victim of Haworth's also and I will be willing to give all the evidence I have on him as well - he is a cowardly bully.

  11. @17:01
    'There are so many apt expressions like; one sandwich short of a picnic; the lift doesn't go to the top floor, two beers short of a six-pack, not firing on all cylinders, the screws are loose, a pissed mattress'..... Why don't you go and say it to his face?

    I hope to do so in the near future Jon :-)

    This link shows that your U bend got blocked over a decade ago:

    200 comments on that thread and another 82 yet to restore

    Health Minister Syvret has exposed so many of Jersey's low lives and spivs over the years hasn't he.
    You didn't like being castigated on that blog did you looser?

  12. Apparently my artwork is so good that Jon has just pissed himself.

    Could happen to a bishop.

  13. Just a timely reminder of one of the virtues of UK parliamentary privilege when used in the right hands.

    Naming names

  14. Polo's link at 12:12 is of earth shattering significance

    The UK parliament Early day motion 685 relating to the imprisonment of the whistle blowing Health Minister states:

    "That this House notes that Stuart Syvret who was previously elected as a senator in Jersey has been imprisoned for three months for making allegations on his blog about Andrew Marolia, David Minty, David Wherry and Jonathan Sharrock Haworth, who had previously obtained a super-injunction against him under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005; further notes that the use of this law would cover all allegations whether they are true or not; believes that this is a chilling affront to freedom of speech and that before someone could be imprisoned for making allegations it should be shown that the allegations made are not true; further notes that Jersey still does not have a system of private prosecution, nor does it have the facility to judicially review prosecutory decisions; recognises that this means if people who are friends with those in power have committed criminal acts it is impossible to have those issues considered in an open court and that it is clear that the state will move to imprison people for making allegations about criminal offences not being prosecuted whether or not this is true; further believes that the Government should not be so complacent about the institutional failures in Jersey; and calls for Ministers to review the situation and report to Parliament."

    So to imprison anoposition member of the SoJ Parliament the Jersey authorities used provenly unreliable witnesses including the fantasist death threat troll Haworth, a SoJ career child abuser and the suspect of a offences sufficient to send a perpetrator to jail for several lifetimes.

    It is no longer a mystery how children were abused for decade after decade.

  15. Just to be clear on the Early Day Motion. It's status is simply that it was tabled by John Hemming. To the best of my recollection it was not debated nor otherwise noted by parliament. It had the support of only two other MPs.

    Its significance, however, is that it names the four behind the case against Stuart and does this under parliamentary privilege thus allowing them to be cited in public.

    This might be considered by some as an abuse of parliamentary privilege and in other, normal, circumstances I would be inclined to agree. It is the courts and not the chamber which is there to try people & administer justice.

    However in the case of Jersey where the courts are effectively politicised and there is no effective appeal I am fully behind the tabling of this motion.

  16. Polo.

    Exclusive, and in-depth interview, with Reform Jersey's Senator-Elect SAM MEZEC.

  17. Readers of my blog, and especially those on the îles Anglo-Normandes, will be aware that Jon has reported me to the States of Jersey Police (SOJP), the then Chief Minister, the Attorney General and the Solicitor General. He has told me that the Police are coming after me. See the post above these comments.

    In response, I invited the SOJP to read my posts, and particularly the one above and its predecessor, before coming to any conclusion. In addition I invited these authorities to check me out and I welcomed any comments they might like to make here.

    I now understand that the SOJP have now read my posts and decided to take no further action on the basis that the posts do not provide sufficient evidence to back up Jon's complaints.

    While this is reassuring, I would have thought that their decision not to follow up on Jon's complaints should have been taken on the grounds that they were found to be malicious and vexatious complaints by a serial offender against anti Child Abuse Campaigners.

    Anyway, it looks like I should not be expecting any European Arrest Warrant this side of Brexit.


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