Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Fr Frank Fahey delivers the Eulogy
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Frank Purcell, who was married to my cousin Colette, died on Friday 19 January 2018 aged 91 years.

I can do no better than let his cousin, Fr. Frank Fahey speak of him in the eulogy delivered at Frank's funeral mass in St. Patrick's, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, on 22 January 2018, below

Fr Frank Fahey: Eulogy for Frank Purcell, RIP

This was followed by the Prayers of the Faithful.

Prayers of the Faithful

Frank Purcell RIP
Original photo: Susan Moran

Some photos from happier times.

Fr. Brendan's 60th Jubilee
Front row l-r: Frank, Colette, Brendan, Carmel
Back row l-r: Tommy, Lynne, Michael, Gretta
Photo: Susan Moran

Frank, Colette, Brendan
Photo (& those below): Lynne Price

Frank, Brendan,Colette

Colette, Brendan, Frank

Fr. Frank Fahey, Frank, Fr. Brendan, Carmel, Colette

Frank & Colette

Not forgetting that 24 January 2018 is
Fr. Brendan Fahey's second anniversary


David Kelly said...

Thanks Paul for uploading this. Tommy and Gretta Kelly and Susan Moran were at the Funeral I believe. I hope this finds you well. David Kelly (Birmingham).

Ruth O Connell said...

Hi Paul, Lynne sent me the link for this. Many thanks from all the Purcell nieces and nephews, Mary, Ruth, Frances, Louise, Clare, Maura, John, Brian, Robert, and Daniel. Fr Frank celebrated a lovely mass and it was nice to have Franks neighbour Fr Dermot Moloney there along with Fr Farragher who served in Tuam parish also. We got to meet and chat to extended Fahy family members which is always one of the positive outcomes of a funeral.
Ruth Purcell-OConnell

Póló said...

Thanks Ruth.

I followed the mass on the webcam from home in Dublin. That's where I got Fr. Frank's eulogy, though I missed a bit at the beginning as he caught me on the hop. Never mind the Vatican, the Faheys and St Patrick's are a law unto themselves.

I knew Frank, clearly, but not really well enough to write about him so the eulogy was very welcome.

When ye had all left the church the lady who had played the violin surfaced as a late communicant. I think she might have been expected. But see, I saw something from Dublin that others who were there didn't. The webcam is a marvel. Every church should have one.

You mentioned Lynne. She must be sad today - Brendan's 2nd anniversary.

This is a post I did at the time (in case you hadn't seen it).


Beir beannacht