Sunday, April 02, 2017

Typocast 2

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I have already drawn attention to typos cast in stone or otherwise and now, following a visit this morning to Croppies Acre, I'm back again.

The panel above has a few things wrong with it ranging from an apparently random choice of font sizes to some very tight fits. One of the tight fits just about makes it but only at the expense of substituting an "I" for an "L". The big faux pas, however, is getting the gender of the NATION wrong in French, not to mention the sandwiching of the two words before it. And what's the big space at the bottom all about. Are they expecting more casualties? I'm sure the Acadamie Française would be only too happy to oblige if asked.

The view is pleasant and the place is very tastefully laid out, as you can see above. But on a closer look at the stone to the right of 1798 ...

... the word CATECHISM is unfortunately mis-spelled, with the E dropped.

Looking back up from the other end, the commemorative stone, over where the mass grave is assumed to be, is starkly simple.

But the accompanying plaque takes the Lord's name in vain, with the fada over the D instead of the E. Moreover, echoing the Borg, is seems to assume the victims share a single soul as well as a grave, with that word (anam) in the singular.

I was afraid to look too closely at anything else in case my visit was further upset, so I went on down to the smaller section of the memorial park nearby. And who did I meet there but the Floosie herself, looking fit and well. But she must be getting a fierce pain in her back without the benefit of the old jacuzzi back-rest she had before she was deported from O'Connell Street.

At least, unlike Nelson, she's still in one piece.

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Póló said...

Significant progress has been made in recent times in tidying up the place and we should be grateful for that.

I'm sure some credit must go to CHTM! for joining in the campaign.

Time now for Phase 2, correcting the booboos.