Friday, December 23, 2016


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I heard the clatter of the envelope in the porch. The postman. More Christmas cards to feed my guilt at not having sent any - hardcopy that is. Maybe a bill or two, just in time for Christmas.

There turned out to be just one envelope in the porch. The logo told me it was from UCD Alumni Relations. Oh dear, so they're still looking for money and hoping to catch me in the Christmas spirit. When they come on the phone they sound like they want to listen to your life story - make you feel important and wanted. Then the penny is gently dropped and it's just another appeal.

I eventually got round to opening the envelope and took out the letter, which looked remarkably short for an appeal.

Well, it wasn't an appeal.

It opened by recalling that there had been a celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the class of 1966 last September at which the President of the College presented attendees with "a commemorative pin acknowledging 50 years since graduation". Whatever about the graduation itself, surviving it for 50 years must be being seen as some sort of achievement. Looking back on it I think I might see what they mean. We had some very odd lecturers in those days and surviving them for this long is probably an achievement of sorts.

Then I felt a roughness inside the envelope as I read that, as I was not present at said commemoration, my presidential award was enclosed. I could see photos of those who turned up for the event on the website (see below) and Alumni Relations hoped I had a very Happy Christmas.

The pin itself came in a little black bag and you can see the whole thing above.

Not exactly my long awaited Légion d'Honneur but some small consolation in the meantime.

Now, who can I impress by wearing this and where and when? Suggestions on a plain postcard please.

Alan and Man with Funny Hat

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