Saturday, August 06, 2016


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Never heard of it.

Know about the Tour de France, though, and how Charlie Haughey won it one year. I think Stephen Roche came second that year.

Well, I was at my local semi-supermarket this morning when I saw a man energetically cycling outside the entrance and going nowhere.

Intrigued, I checked him out and he turned out to be a former neighbour, who, with his wife and daughter were collecting for Down Syndrome who are running the Tour de Leinster. The cycle Tour takes place between 25 and 28 August. It hits every county in the province and I think I was told that Stephen Roche will be participating.

Michael & Gráinne Eccles with their daughter Aoife

Michael will be taking part in the Tour along with his friend Gary Leech, both Raheny men.

Best of luck with the fundraising.

There's more about this on the Down Syndrome website.

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Unknown said...

Lovely talking to you yesterday Paul and thanks for the blog. I've shared it on facebook. See you around Raheny.