Thursday, April 21, 2016


Baldoyle Public Library
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This is the Baldoyle public library, a most odd looking building at the junction of The Mall and Station Road.

It took me three tries to get in. First I arrived just in time for early closing at 5pm on a Wednesday. Then I arrived at midday on a Thursday to find that was the morning half day and it didn't open till 1.15pm, which was when I finally got inside.

I mention this not to be in the least critical of the staff of whom there are now apparently too few. As a result, what were normal library opening hours have been cut back by Fingal County Council due to staff (and presumably funds) shortages.

All that said, I should have read the notice of opening hours on the door properly the first time round.

Howth Photographic Club - Spring Exhibition 2016

Anyway, I promised a friend I'd drop in to check out the Howth Photographic Club's Spring Exhibition. The theme was the 1916 Rising and the competition which produced the exhibition was judged by Anthony Scullion.

The photographs were all high quality reproductions and there was much juxtapositioning of past and present. Some reminded me of the title of Michael Edwards's current competition 2016 remembering 1916.

I always like a litle twist or quirk in a photo and two in particular caught my fancy: The Greening of Empire from Barry Crowley and Images of Leaders from Thomas Byrne. You can see these below along with their descriptive text.

The Greening of Empire
Letters describing the events of 1916 would have been posted
in this unique "Ashworth Box", now in Collins (formerly Royal)
Barracks. The original "Imperial" red was re-painted "Rebublican"
greeen by the new Irish Free State, but the Crown remains.

Images of Leaders
Images of leaders of the 1916 Rising used as a
backdrop to a local politician's election poster in 2016

You can check out the full set here on the Club's excellent website.

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