Saturday, June 14, 2014


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The "thing" caught my eye through the kitchen window. It was suspended in mid air across one of the sides of the bird table in the back garden. And there was either the remains of a spiders web, or something more ominous, involved.

I wondered what it was. Might it have been the remains of an almost eaten snail? I had recently seen a pigeon eyeing a snail which had managed to climb up onto the bird table. The pigeon looked like it couldn't quite make up its mind whether the snail was a rival for the remainder of the food on the table or whether it might itself prove a tasty morsel.

But how would the remains of the snail have become emeshed in a spider's web. Did the bird throw it in the direction of the web in the spirit of the current soccer world cup? And did only the odd thread of the web remain attached to its original base.

Or was it just one of those pieces of bird shite on its way down from on high which just happened to hit the web?

Clearly a forensic analysis of the material is required to even begin to answer this perplexing question.

The detail below is intended as an initial contribution to such an analysis.

Over to you.

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