Saturday, June 22, 2013

They also serve ...

First time I've seen that on the front and side of a bus. This one was parked at a bus stop on Eden Quay on the banks of Dublin's River Liffey.

What does it mean?

Is it like those lunatic BABY ON BOARD notices which are supposed to have you make a special effort not to crash into the baby carrying car, or ignore the driver weaving all over the place as they try to change the baby's nappy? Balancing two motions, so to speak.

Is the driver a novice, just entering into the service of the company, and should we be especially patient if he wanders off the route?

Is this the bus's maiden voyage, so far untested on the turbulent sea of Dublin's opportunistic traffic? Should we be patient if the wheels fall off and quietly transfer to the tried and tested DART, assuming it's going where we're going?

Or has the driver just left the company to go into better paid domestic service? In the black economy? Croke Park and Haddington Road please note.

These were my thoughts as I went to cross the road. So distracted was I that I nearly walked under that bus's brother approaching at a fair belt from Bachelor's Walk.

The excitement of a trip to town.

I'm exhausted.


Viv said...

All of the above, perhaps.

It may be a refugee bus from that mythical place from which buses do not normally return. An Lar.


Póló said...

I had another thought. Isn't that the place the old CIE Mystery Tours left from?

Maybe this is the new version and they hadn't yet decided on a destination for that fella.

People didn't have cars in the old days (when I was young) and any trip anywhere out the country on a bus was a great adventure. Bring your own lunch. God be with the days.

An Lár: now there's a black whole if ever I saw one. I should have checked out the bus with my geiger counter to see if it was radioactive.

The Smithsonian in Washington DC have the cockpit of the Enola Gay with a big notice to say it is not radioactive. They're probably right; I'm still here.