Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eternal Vigilance

As everyone (ie the few) who reads my blog knows, I am obsessed with the upside down flying of flags, and in particular the EU flag.

I wish people would stop feeding my obsession.

The above photo of the EU flag flying upside down outside the European Parliament was carried without comment in yesterday's online edition of the Irish Independent.

Of the European institutions themselves, that now makes two, the European Commission and the European Parliament, not to mention the French and Hungarian embassies in Dublin and a few others like Sinn Féin and TG4.

Or do I smell Photoshop here and does it matter?

Eternal vigilance is the price of rightwayupness.

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Póló said...

I should clarify my Photoshop remark.

I get a smell of Photoshop from that photo. I suspect that the Irish flag has been patched in. I may be wrong.

But even if it has, I have no reason to suspect that the EU flag has been interfered with and am quite satisfied that it was caught flying upside down outside the European Parliament building.