Monday, January 07, 2013


You will be familiar with the Me and the Binmen saga from a previous post. If not go read it for background.

You will have gathered that I am not at all thrilled with the crowd Dublin City Council handed over bin collection to. The binmen toss the bins all over the place and the company seems to have a very under-developed sense of customer relations.

Well, I was struck this afternoon when out shopping by the number of red coloured bins which were appearing around the place. On closer inspection these were City bins and it looks like I am not the only one passing an adverse judgement on the present crowd.

These emptied bins were neatly stacked against the wall where they did not impede traffic, pedestrians, or residents exiting or entering their driveway. I must keep an eye on this new crowd. I haven't yet looked at their terms but it is clear that it is worth some people's while changing over.

City apparently have the South Dublin County Council contract and are big in Galway. They are putting the wind up somebody, or some crowd are not happy with their success as evidenced by a recent arson attack on their lorries in Dublin.

This will be one to watch.

Meanwhile you might like to contemplate my own translation of a verse from Patrick Pearse's Ode to a Naked Binman.

Fornocht do chonac thúThe Naked Binman
Do chualas do cheol,
a bhinne na binne,
is do dhúnas mo chluas
ar eagla go gclisfinn.
The sweetest sound in the morning
Is made by the emptying bin
All that whirring, compressing and churning
A furious glorious din.


Anonymous said...

You refuse to have a rubbish service. Don't waste the opportunity. Dump them.

That's enough puns for today.

Póló said...


You're probably right.

I'll keep an eye on the new crowd for a while longer and probably switch, depending.