Friday, October 19, 2012

La Cocotte

Une histoire d'OH....
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I was in town yesterday afternoon and, while passing the Alliance Française in Kildare St., I was overcome with the need for a decent cup of coffee. So I went in to their café, La Cocotte, and sat me down in front of a cup.

There was a lot of activity around the place and it was clear something important was about to happen. The Director himself was walking around testing the sound system and people were poking about with lighting and such. I was told it was for a function, relating to a book, which was to take place later. A notice in the hallway told me it involved Philippe Djian whom I had never heard of. But curiosity got the better of me and, thanks to a cancellation, I was able to get my name on the attendance list. Just as well, as all non-listed persons were summarily ejected from the café shortly after 6pm.

Philippe Djian, who is described in the Alliance's current newsletter as "the heir to the 'Beat Generation' in France", and who has just written what I take to be a steamy novel, "OH ...", which is in contention for a prestigious prize next year, was to be interviewed by Loïc Guyon, chairman of ADEFFI.

I must say my french wasn't up to following much of the interview, particularly as I hadn't a clue who these people were at the time. However, it seemed to go down well with the audience and the Director looked thrilled. I learned later from Loïc that ADEFFI had Philippe Djian over for their annual conference and decided to throw in this public interview in the Alliance.

Needless to say, copies of the book were on sale and Philippe was happily autographing them and sorting out his diary at the end of the evening.

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