Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Business is Business

I came across this sign in a window on Talbot Street, in Dublin's city centre, last Friday (15/6/2012).

While I know what they mean, I was puzzling over the linguistic significance of it. Does it simply indicate an imperfect knowledge of the English language or is there also a little subconscious business psychology in play here?

"Softwares" is clearly an attempt at a plural where this is already covered by the generic term "software", while "diagnose" appears to be an attempt to singularise "diagnosis" which is already in the singular.

So, is there a pattern here? I think there might be.

The writer may be attempting to make sure the full plural range of software is covered. After all, that's what is being sold. And, by the same token, trying to ensure that there are not too many diagnoses included in the offer, as this is what is being given away for free.

Or, maybe I'm just being fancyful.


de ma said...

I think it's a case of non-native-English speakers.

Anonymous said...

I think de ma is right - unless the service provider is trying to catch your eye.