Monday, April 30, 2012

Love Hate

I was passing by the apartments when I saw some people hanging around. Then I noticed the professional camera and sound crew. I wondered had the news services run down some ordinary decent criminal living in the apartments? Had there been a murder? Or were the news services waiting to doorstep some unsuspecting banker, civil servant, or politician on foot of further revelations about the banking guarantee.

Then I saw the trucks and all the gear and realised that this was no mere news crew. It was big time filming and they were zeroing in on a block of newly constructed, but as yet unoccupied, apartments. When I asked, I was told it was the making of the third series of Love Hate, a fairly raw drama set in Dublin's gangland. So my first guess was nearest the mark. And a local told me the crew had been around, on and off, for the last few weeks.

A closeer look revealed some last minute adjustments to a camera mounted on the bonnet of the car. And then it was "Action".

Had they come two years earlier they would have had some ready made drama to film as this same block went up in smoke in the course of constuction.

Happily, the building was in fact completed, even if not yet brought to market, and no doubt its letting out as a film set will help to pay the rent in the meantime.

I wonder is my guardian angel trying to tell me something? This is the second piece of filming I have come across in this area in the last month.

Update 5/12/12

In an amazing case of life imitating art, Dublin's No.1 Crime Boss, Eamonn Kelly, was gunned down yesterday, a mere few hundred yards from the scenes described above. He was shot near his house in Furry Park Road, Killester, by a member of the Real IRA.

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