Monday, March 12, 2012

Some mothers ...

I'm all in favour of simplicity. I'm all in favour of communication.

But I didn't quite know what to make of this sign outside Magner's pharmacy in Killester, in Dublin 3.

It seemed innocuous enough, even the sting in the tail. Until, that is, I substituted the word father for mother. Not quite the same resonance. So is it a patronising ad?

You decide.

And don't forget Mother's Day (Ireland) is on 18th March (next Sunday).


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Nora said...

It looks both sexist and ageist. (I gather the oldest known blogger is in her 90s and I think she lives in Australia. Not sure!) But I had a look at the website, and they do special phones for people with arthritic hands, so I suppose it's all reasonable! I got arthritis in the back of my neck at age 42, so I shouldn't complain about ageism in this case. I think the poster could probably have been better designed. And no, I can't imagine similar for Father's Day!