Sunday, December 11, 2011

Johnny Xmas

My first thought, when I came across this object blocking my path outside my local supermarket, was that it was a jet engine which had fallen off a passing plane.

Then I wondered if it was one of those drones which appear to be landing where they are not supposed to. A distinct possibility when they are being pilotted from the USA west coast by people who couldn't find the North Pole at Christmas. Let's hope, for Santa's sake, that they don't find it before the 25th at any rate.

Then the context hit me.

Christmas is coming, my local supermarket is hosting the usual Christmas tree sellers, and this is just a packing device - like the funnel on a sausage machine or a rubber johnny.

No mystery here then.

Happy Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Looks like an early warning siren.

Grannymar said...

A well stockinged tree!