Sunday, October 23, 2011

Riddle me this.

My existing baseball cap, very useful not only for keeping the sun/light out of my eyes generally but also for taking photos, was getting very tatty and I spotted the one above for €1 at a carboot sale in the grounds of the local Protestant church. I had been looking for a plain cap, but I figured the question mark logo was neutral enough, so I took it.

I've been wearing it for the last month or two and it was only yesterday that it was pointed out to me that it is from a Batman range of merchandising and represents the Riddler, Batman's intellectual enemy. Sure enough, on further inspection there was a Batman logo inside the rim.

How cool is that?


Anonymous said...

Yo! Major cool! All the brothas in the hood will know you henceforth as the Riddler. I like it. Yours, Batman.

Póló said...


Merçi, mon vieux.

Anonymous said...

That cap could go either way - does it signify the thicko who knows nothing, or the omniscient one to whom all turn for answers?
Here's the solution - claim to know everything, but charge an exorbitant rate for people to test you.

Póló said...


You mean like this.