Sunday, October 16, 2011


Just a few passing thoughts on food today.

Seasonality has gone by the board. Because we could afford it, partly due to an inadequate and distortionate pricing system, we have now got fresh food being flown all round the world so we can have it all the year round. This is obscene decadance and must be reversed.

Greedy Big Pharma is messing with our food (GMO). Their greed will end up poisoning us all and destroying the capacity for growing edible food. Signs are already on it in the developing world. Nature is not copyrightable. They must be stopped.

We are also being poisoned with additives, designed either to make food last, or look nice, or be addictive. This has to stop.

Strict standards are needed for the origin and ingredients in all food. And the testing of ingredients needs to be genuine. At present we often haven't a clue where stuff comes from or what is in it. We need a regular feedback analysis of products at the level of the retail outlets.

And so on, and so on. Where do you stop. There is at least half a century of abuse which has been tolerated by oblivious consumers who have been systematically manipulated by commercial interests.

In fact, looking closely enough at food as a case study would lead you to the conclusion that political structures purporting to be "democratic" actually need complete revamping.

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Anonymous said...

How delightful to get an insight into your home decor.
Beats flying ducks.

Póló said...


Glad you like the decor. I skipped the prawns and the Marie Rose sauce as I was on the wrong side of the watershed. :)