Saturday, September 10, 2011


What have I done?
(See previous post)

Clicked on Taoiseach's Department at

Was told they had moved. So clicked on here.

And found they didn't exist anymore.

I suppose that's the Vatican gone too?

How in hell do you reverse this antimatter thing?

I should have left well enough alone. Or not?


  1. Bradaíocht nó díreach teip (eile) de chuid an Rialtais?

  2. @aonghus

    Tharla sé cheana nár scaoileadh isteach i suíomh (idirlín) an taoisigh mé.

    Dar leis an bogearra, ar a raibh cúram morálta mo Roinnsa, "sexual content" a ba chúis leis an gcosc.

    B'shin in aimsir Bhertie, ar ndóigh.

  3. Chímse an toradh céanna; mar sin is ar an freastalaí atá an fhadhb.

  4. Would somebody like to fill me in on the comments in the mother tongue? I get a feeling the linguistic opacity for the non-fluent in Irish is not without reason, here, judging by the few words in the Saxon idiom that sift through. it seems to me I'm missing all the good stuff. Das ist so ungerecht. Is dana é. ;-)

  5. @anonymous

    Aonghus observed that this was another blunder/failure by the Government.

    I commented that I had been denied access to the Taoiseach's website, on the grounds of "sexual content", by the piece of software which had been installed to ensure the moral welfare of my Department. This, of course, was in Bertie's day.

    Aonghus confirmed that it was a server problem as he was getting the same response.

    Sinne Fianna Fáil.