Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Naked Truth?

Irish Independent (online), 26/09/11

Not sure that the juxtaposition of the headline and the picture itself are consistent.

Maybe it's just me?


  1. No, really not sure.
    But this is the Indo we're talking about, right?
    Just how "independent" is that newspaper anyways? It comes for free on... is it airplanes? Or is the only press item available for purchase on Irish trains? I'm hazy on this, but I do remember it makes the IT seem like extreme-left...

  2. @Anonymous

    The paper is one of our national newspapers. It goes back to the beginning of the 20th Century and was associated with the clergy and Fine Gael.

    It is owned by [Sir] Tony O'Reilly and is generally a rag, but has some fine journalists working for it.

    You might be excused for confusing it with Metro (or other free handouts on the transport network).

    You can get a flavour here.

    Incidentally, my thinking behind the post was that going around in your knickers is more likely a sign of dependence than otherwise.

    À bientôt