Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where is it? No.6

I guess Dave gets this one. See his comment below.

Well spotted, Dave. It's over Sam's Barbers at 28 Lr. Ormond Quay.

In the shot below it is just above the centre pillar.

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Dave said...

I think its on the front of a building on the north quays, just beside Mick Wallace's Italian quarter. I saw a similar mosaic there today anyway, but not entirely sure if the ship pictured was part of it.

Póló said...

Well done Dave.

I've put it in context in the added picture above.

Were you on the top of a doubledecker?

Póló said...

By the way, this is Dave's second success, assuming he's all the one Dave.

If this keeps up I'll be looking over my shoulder on my trips to town.