Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kilmainham Festival 2011

This is the second year of the Kilmainham Arts Festival. An action-packed programme was provided by a relatively small team with significant local sponsorship and buckets of enthusiasm.

Good to see this sort of thing taking off. Communities are valuable and anything that reinforces them is to be welcomed. The old city centre communities up around James's St., Mountbrown and Kilmainham have, in large part, been long broken up and suburbanised. Regeneration of their remains has run aground in the current financial catastrophe. So local efforts to hold on to what is left and expand the base are very welcome.

Photo shows the artist presenting his picture of Anna Livia, à la Picasso, to the Lord Mayor who sort of promised to hang it on his wall. Speeches by the three people in the photo were exemplary - short and to the point.

Sadly this year's Kilmainham Festival coincides with the demise of the No.19 bus, despite residents' protests. That's the last echo of the No.19 tram gone.

I have reported on the recent Raheny Festival here.


Anonymous said...

Took the kids to the jail once - very friendly tour - I was pleasantly surprised.

Póló said...

Something I don't understand about the way some people use blogs.

I left a comment on the Kilmnainham Festival post on their site two weeks ago. They clearly haven't been back since, as it's still awaiting moderator approval.

This suggests a very one way use of posts, ie as just straight advertising rather than engagement.

I don'k now how it works on Wordpress, which is what they're on, but here on Blogger I get an email every time anyone comments on any of my posts.

Póló said...

I see the moderator has just been and let through my comment and another chap's who was there before me.

Nearly 3 months. Fierce active moderation.

[PS: in the comment above, for "don'k" read "don't"]