Monday, June 27, 2011

Where is it? No.2

This could be an easy one - if you visit my website every day.

I'll probably post the answer in a comment sometime.

Full marks to Dave (see his comment below) for getting that one right. It's the Naughton Institute in Pearse St., part of the TCD complex.

It is one of the pictures that comes up once a month on my website.

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Dot said...

Head-on view of the LUAS bridge in Dundrum?

Póló said...


Fraid not.

There is a clue in the text above.

Póló said...

I was wondering about Dot's guess above. I guess this is what she had in mind:

Amazing how the mind sorts stuff. Recognition patterns and all that.

Dave said...

The roof of that wedge shaped building in Trinity beside the Dart tracks?

Póló said...

Congratulations Dave. Well spotted.

I've amended the post to show the result, and give you the credit you're due.

Dave said...

Excellent. The hint about it appearing on your website didn't help me but I pass that building often on the bus to college.

I think it stuck in my mind because there are very few triangular buildings in Dublin, certainly not with angles that acute.