Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It doesn't really soften the blow for the staff but it may soften the general public's perception of what is going on.

Remember "downsizing", so much more sanitised than "laying off" or "making redundant".

Well Xtravision have come up with another one. They are closing their Raheny branch, but the sign simply says they are "moving".

Ah yes, but they are "moving" to two other outlets that are already there. So it's still bye bye staff.

There should really be a prize for the guys who think up, or apply, these new innocuous sounding verbs to what are really gruesome happenings.


Dáithaí C said...

Corporate non-communication has moved on. In order not to say what is happening it is now called "Rightsizing! Try to keep up!

Anonymous said...

Sneaky scumbags.