Monday, June 14, 2010

Support your local Alien

This is the scene that faced me when I left the house this morning. Our local green space had been visited during the night. I looked around. Nothing else strange. Gone to ground? ET took exception to the new nearby apartments and pissed off back to whence he came?

Should I tell the Bishop in case it had the makings of another apparition? Should I tell the Garda in order to apprehend the vandal? Should I warn the local psychiatric services in case we needed to communicate with the visitor if, and when, it appeared?

I opted for the safe option and did nothing. So I'm just telling you - between ourselves, you understand. And, in any event, I'm sure the green will grow out of it in time.

Meanwhile we have our own teenage equivalent of a crop circle. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

We should be relieved. At least the out-of-this-world vistors left a message saying: Hi. It could have been Death to all earthlings.

There is life out there. But at least it's friendly - if a bit informal.

Nora said...

I'm amused. Some of our young folk (?) appear to have a sense of humour and are not wholly involved in scattering bottles, or breaking down young oak trees. It's very hopeful.