Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monastic Stress!

I wandered into Book Bargains in Middle Abbey St., in the centre of Dublin, the other day. I wasn't really going to buy a book; I was just curious about the range of stock.

Just as I was about to leave, my eye caught a postcard stand with what, at first glance, reminded me of the old penny postcards. But, on closer inspection, they were a completely novel line, to my eye at least.

A wonderful brand of quirky humour and beautifully presented. Somewhere between Asterix and Botticelli. Wryly irreverent but in the best of taste.

The two that most appealed to me probably reflect my own background in public administration.

Click image for larger version

The first, above, is an EU Directive being delivered to the monks for copying. Full of resonances for anyone who has been plagued by such directives in the past and with a dash of back to the future.

The second, below, reminded me of a past boss who was never satisfied with any draft, no matter how long or how laboured.

Click image for larger version

The series come from the pen and brush of Tony Corr, a printer, now retired. He reminded me, a bit wistfully, that people don't send anything like as many postcards nowadays as they used to in past times.

The cards went well in tourist centres particularly in the west of Ireland. I remarked that they would be very suitable for the Trinity College shop but he was there before me. They already stock them and they are very particular in what they take.


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