Monday, November 27, 2006

Anthony Glavin R.I.P.

Tony Glavin was an O'Connell's boy, from a good northside school like myself.

I met him in first year English in UCD where he, in common with myself, took a remarkably practical approach to the lectures. Some of these lectures were good, some bad, and some awful.

It didn't help when one of the most awful was a series of six lectures on Shakespeare's Coriolanus from the soon-to-be President of the College.

The lectures consisted of the lecturer reading the play and spicing it with asides. It was a dreadful bore.

Tony and I evolved a sophisticated and effective study plan. During the first four lectures we played battleships and during the last two we read the play ourselves from cover to cover.

And it worked. Tony went on to dedicate himself to his music and wordcraft and here I am writing this appreciation in the Queen's English (well almost).

May he rest in peace.

You can read a proper appreciation here if you have an Irish Times subscription.

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  1. Thanks, Polo. Very nice to hear recollections of Anthony like yours. Also very much enjoyed your comments about Dublin in the rare oul times.