Sunday, April 16, 2006

St. Andrews

I just got a decent digital camera and one of the shots I took is of St. Andrews church at Westland Row, Dublin, Ireland, where I was baptised.

I know it breaks the first rule of buildings photography with the perspective tilt but it is just a passing by shot and, innste na fírinne, I am really trying out the new blogger facility for hosting images.

However, on reflection, since posting the above, I have been trying to make sense of the inscription on the church, as seen below. It would appear to refer to Blessed rather than Saint Andrew. This does not seem to make sense as surely Andrew was already a saint when this church was built.


Ideas welcome?


Robert Synnott said...

I've noticed this before, yes. There are three or four of them in Dublin; Deo Optimo Maximo Sub Invoc Audoi Apostoli, for instance, is near Christchurch.

They're all designed in much the same style, though I think that the Westland Row one is the biggest. The others are freestanding with grounds, though; I assume that this was once also the case with the Westland Row one.

I'm surprised you were able to get a shot of St. Andrew without his attendant pidgeons.

Póló said...

Thanks for the comment, Robert.

There seems to be a huge interest internationally in this church. I get hits from searches all the time for this one.

Re pigeons: I must have taken the shot after a heavy rain shower!

I still haven't got an answer to my question about why he is a blessed rather than a saint in the inscription.

Póló said...

That question is now answered here.