Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Gorey стоє з україною

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And this is no exaggeration.

When I was in Gorey just a few weeks ago but after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there was not a single sign of support for Ukraine to be seen.

Today, they are all over the place, ubiquitous but not universal. They are there in sufficient number, though, to warrant the slogan reproduced at the top of this post. It is taken from a shop window and is not the only one on display. The alternative is the Ukrainian flag and support is not always lacking a sense of humour or ingenuity. However the wee piece of humour I noticed may just have been inadvertent.

The pictures below are taken in just one street, well two actually, Main and Esmonde Street. The latter is a continuation of the former. So all one street for my purpose. I think I have managed to record every premises in the street indicating support for Ukraine. You can see these below. I think they must account for about three quarters of all the shops in the street.

Redmond's had two roundels and a bespoke display in the window. Strong sentiments.

I spoke to the lady behind the counter who was very engaged with the Ukranian situation. She told me there was a Polish girl down the road whose family in Poland had taken in two Ukranian refugee families. So there is a serious connection between Gorey and Ukraine which may, at least in part, explain the profusion of signs of support in the town.

This one brings me down a rabbit hole but I'll be back to the sequence asap.

Spotted in the window of the shop above along with the Gorey backs Ukraine roundel. I have posted on this product a fair while ago so look if you will and we'll pass on.

This is particularly clever.

This was the only shop displaying a notice of what the Ukranians needed.

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As well as listing items, the notice offers to deliver to Ukraine any items received.

Even the little people have been conscripted into the cause, perhaps inadvertently.

Equally, here, I couldn't make up my mind whether this was a subtle display of support buried in what amounts to an advertisement or an opportunity for such foregone. The absence of a roundel or flag makes me suspect the latter.

You be the judge.

Finally, the only premises I could find last time round that bore any resemblance to the Ukrainian colours has not signed up when push came to shove.

I missed this one on my last two trips. Difficult to see in some lights but a serious effort at window painting.

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